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More Bedtime Blessings, 2016

Dave, me, Mom, and Dad in front of the Christmas tree!

We worked on one of my favorite memory verses in all five classes last week. All of my 90+ students wrote The Blessing Of Aaron for a grade as a memory verse and repeated it on their test. Found in Numbers 6:24-26, God commanded the first high priest of Israel to use these words to bless his chosen people:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

We spoke of the human need for approval and how parents can have such an effect on the self-worth of their children. We talked of bedtime rituals and how moms and dads can make their kids feel important and ease their fears. I told them about how our folks tucked us in when we were small, prayed with us, and kissed us good-night. With that discussion as background, I gave each student a sheet of paper and had them pen a bedtime blessing to the child they will bring into the world in future years. The next several nights, I'll let some of them speak for me. Boys are in blue, girls in pink, and all are used with permission!

Dear son, your father is talking to you. You’ll be a successful man. As your father, I promise you that whoever and wherever you are, I’ll be with you. I will protect you from all the bad things. Everyone has their own flaws, so I won’t force you to be a perfect man, but I do have some advice to tell you. First, to be true to yourself, you must get trust from other people. Second, you should follow your dreams; it will give you happiness. May the Lord always be with you and bless you. Amen!
Richard, junior

Goodnight Babygirl,
I hope you have a nice and peaceful sleep. I always want you to know that God loves you and he will take away all your problems. When you wake up, I want you to thank God for all he’s done for you because he can take it away at anytime. Daddy and I love you to the bottom of our heart. We want you have a great and successful life with no problems. Anytime, if you have problems, no matter what it is, you can come to us. With all our hearts, you are much loved.
Kaitlin , 8th grade

To my Sweet Child,
I will always love you and know that the Lord will forever love you and keep you. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you fall, I will always be there to pick you up. Know that God and I will never forsake you. Whenever you feel scared, afraid, and in the dark, remember the light of your heavenly father will set you free. I may not be perfect but I will protect you during your journey. Goodnight sweet child- I will always be with you.
David, junior

To my Daughter, My Princess, My Heart,
I pray everyday that you’ll grow to seek God’s face and strive to know him better. Things may not always be perfect down here, but your Heavenly Father loves you more than anyone else (including your father and I) could ever. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are anything less than beautiful because they are lying. You’re wonderful just the way you are, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. I love you to the end of the earth, always will. Always here for you!
Taylore, junior

Goodnight, My Angels:
May God bless you and keep you, because he has plans for you. Wipe your tears for God is here to help you. Mommy and I know that we will mess up from time to time, but always remember that we will be with you two, no matter what happens. Always remember that God’s love lasts forever, even in time of sin. Keep dreaming, my little ones, for your dreams are bound to come true. Love, Daddy.
Jacob, 8th grade

My Dearest Child,
The happiest day will be when you come into my life. I am grateful that God has blessed me to watch over you. The Lord has a certain path for everyone. In your darkest days (which I will pray you have none), you must turn to God. I will always be by your side, no matter if you are wrong or right. How can I tell someone who is my world about everything? My love is deeper, stronger, and more than anything. May all the days of your life be very joyful. Not a day goes by where I won’t wish anything but the best for you. I love you more than you can imagine, my dearest angel.
Dahlia , 8th grade

My Child,
Thank for for being with me this whole time. You are the greatest gift that God had given me throughout my life. Now, I want you to be strong, to be tough. Don’t let other’s words weigh you down. Always remember that, “Words don’t break our bones, rocks do.” Whenever someone says something bad or insults you, always remember the saying, “God made you the way you are, and that’s what makes you special." Always remember that even though society rejects you, you alway have me, your mom, your friends, and everybody else. Don’t ever think that no one cares about you because even if you do unforgiven things, there are people who will always love you unconditionally. I love you and I always want you to feel special about yourself. Can you do that for me? Thank you for trusting me. I will always love you.
Ethan , junior

Dear Daughter,
May God shine light through you as you grow up. Let God in your life- he loves you more than anything in the world and so do I. As you get older, you might tend to not believe in Jesus and you might even think nobody cares or loves you. But God loves you. So do I, and so does your father. You are my light of the world. There are going to be obstacles that Satan is going to put in front of you. When that happens, ask God for help. If there is somebody who is sad or hurting, let the light shine in you. You are the light of the world. I love you and God loves you.
Hannah, 8th grade

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