Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Greatest Gift (Dave Hawley)

Ben and Bo.

Tonight's entry is by my brother, Dave, who lives in Wichita, Kansas with my wonderful sister-in-law, Sally! He's also the nation's winningest high school tennis coach! Prayers for me on my mission, please!

There are moments when a warm feeling rolls over me that really has no adequate words to describe it. It's a feeling that things are 'right', correct in how they should be unfolding, and sometimes they come at unexpected moments, like at a baseball game where I catch a sight of my two year old grandson Bo slipping up to nestle next to his dad, and my son, Ben. It's a physical reminder of what peace it gave me to be able to hold my three kids at the same age... I'm not sure there's a comparable feeling like it and I treasure it. And I'm sure my dad held me in similar moments, and his dad held him, and so on and so on.

I'm also painfully aware that not everyone gets that feeling, that life is painful in that area for many.  I can't imagine that feeling of not having someone to hold ,or be held by, who has your total well being at the forefront of their mind. Not fathomable ... But in this world, at times, a reality.

The GREAT news for us is a father in heaven who allows us to be CONSTANTLY be held by him, with a resolve to only want the best for us, and is there to comfort, encourage and guide us when life rocks our world. No greater comfort than to held by the ULTIMATE Father.

Blessings to you all.

God bless,
Steve (Uncle of Ben, great uncle of Bo!)
Luke 18:1
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