Friday, July 08, 2016

DONE! (Dave Hawley)

Here is another entry from my brother, Dave Hawley, about the t-shirt pictured above! Prayers for me in Asia, please..... and I am the proud owner of one of these t-shirts!
I have to admit that there are times I wish I had followed a career in tee shirt design...well, not really, but I must admit I love the idea of putting together something memorable and intriguing. We usually end our tennis seasons with a tee that not only lists our best moments competitively but the names of every kid who played. I think the players like them a lot.

This year's shirt has a bit of a story. About five weeks from the end of our season, we hosted a large tourney, and in the midst of it, someone left behind a shirt. It simply said "Done." on the front. Nothing was on the back. We waited for a claimant but nobody asked about it, so we 'adopted' it. I had a very good team this spring that had grown to feel underappreciated, not by me, but in the discussion for state contenders, and in the rankings. In my discussions with my boys, we talked about setting strong goals for the end of the season, and with a great sense of focus, one by one, they achieved the results they desired. Every match was tough...every one had ups and downs...every one required sacrifice and diligence. And they rose to the occasion, being triumphant in our four biggest matches of the year. I was SOOOO proud of them!

BUT...I would have been proud of them even if they fell short, because their REAL victory was in the pursuit and the purpose. Our spiritual lives won't always see 'wins'...we lose a lot. But because of our hope in Jesus Christ, we are able to claim victory, when we are 'done'....God grants us a life everlasting with him when we allow Him to be the focus of our life.

Blessings to you all.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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