Friday, March 18, 2016

The Good Samaritan Circa 2016 Act IV

Each year, my classes rewrite the Parable of the Good Samaritan, putting it into the context of their teenage worlds. Here is the fourth of several looks at the efforts of some of my high school students in my Gospels classes. All are used by permission with girls in pink and boys in blue.

One day after Bible study, a girl fell down and broke her ankle. The Senior Pastor passed by and said, "God will heal you!" but kept walking because his wife was waiting in the car. Then, the youth pastor jumped over her and said, "I'd help, but I've got to baptize my god daughter." He added, "But God bless you!" Then, the custodian walked by her as he was vacuuming and stopped what he was doing. He was a medical student working his way through college and he examined the girl's foot. The custodian called a doctor and her parents. He's been invited to every Thanksgiving since! -Bria

One day in a football game. a player was hit very hard and could not get up. When one of the referees saw him, he wondered if the player might be guilty of targeting so he ran over to consult with the other officials. His coach walked up and said, "Somebody help this kid," and walked away. Finally, an opposing player who had been ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct came up to him. He picked him up, put his arm under the boy's shoulder, and helped him to the trainer. He waited to make sure the player was OKAY then returned to his own sideline. -Will

In the hood, there was a drug dealer who was hit in a drive-by shooting. He was wounded in the back and could not move. One of his fellow gang members saw him but didn't want to get tied into the crime. An old lady saw what had happened and she thought it was nothing but trouble. But a policeman who happened to be driving by stopped and taking a chance, drove him to the hospital. -Xzavier

One day, there was a dancer practicing in the rehearsal room. Suddenly, in the middle of one of her turns, she fell and hurt her shoulder. Right when she fell, she noticed her coach coming into the room. The dancer thought the coach was about to help her but instead, she told the girl she was fine and to stop playing around. Next, her teammates saw her lying on the floor but they decided not to help. Secretly, they all wanted her to be injured so they could get her solo. Then, the janitor walked in and rushed over to the girl. He helped her up and called her parents. When the girl was healed, she started staying after rehearsals and helped the janitor clean. -Hope

Here is one of my favorites from the archives. Eighth grader Ozy penned this gem seven years ago!
"One day, a single mom was returning home from work. She stopped by the grocery store to pick up some food for her kids. On the way back to her car, her bag of groceries spilled. As she started to pick them up, it started to rain. A store employee with a raincoat on walked by and seeing her cart was empty, added it to the carts he was taking back inside. The woman had left her car unlocked and a suspicious man noticed. He looked at the woman to make sure she did not see him and he stole her car. After all this, a man who had just been laid off from his job walked by. He was not in a good mood but when he saw the woman, love filled his heart. He helped her with her groceries and offered her a ride home. One year later, they got married and lived happily ever after!"

Applicable quote of the day:
"Many people in our community protect themselves from inconvenience as though inconvenience is deadly. We have decided that we are not inconvenienced by inconvenience. The needs of children come up unexpectedly. We are sure that the Good Samaritan had other plans that fateful day. Our plans are not sacred."
Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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