Thursday, September 17, 2015

She Must.......

Every year, I have my students read the entry posted Tuesday called The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. It will explain what I'm about to type here. On Tuesday, after talking about the previously mentioned article, everyone in my Gospels' classes listed five absolutes about the person they will marry in both the positives (He Must/She Must) and the negative (He Must Not/She Must Not). Here is the second installment, used by permission, from my young men. They are all are used by permission:
She must be persistent - Lowell

She must care about her appearance - Dajun
She must be Chinese - Shaun
She must be a dreamer - Leo Z

She must be responsible - Ekwere
She must be modest - Joshua
She must be from the U.S. - Micah F
She must like the outdoors - Michael
She must be a basketball or volleyball player - Rashard
She must have long hair - Santiago
She must be cuddleable - Brady
She must make her money and not rely on me for everything - Ubong
She must have a kind personality - Max
She must support my desires (unless they are just plain stupid) - Samuel
She must have a good attitude - Armani
She must have a conscience - Austin
She must be able to drive - Micah R
She must tell me all the things that make her sad - Joe
She must be attractive in my eyes - Jose
She must be pretty on the inside and out - Chandler
She must be a role model to my little sister - Tre
She must be willing to try new things - Miles
She must know how to speak Chinese - Charlie
She must know the attraction of literature - Leo W
She must be fine and good looking - Kase
She must be an adventurer and live life to the fullest - Xzavier
She must be able to pick my clothes - Craig
She must like cats and dogs - Will
She must be flexible and adaptable - Matthew
She must be in good standing with her family - Emmanuel
She must have goals - Jared
She must be middle class - Isaiah
She must have a skill to cook - Brian
She must be fun to be with and enjoy others company - James
She must pray for other people - Ryan
She must like me for who I am - Jimi
She must want to live away from her parent - Nicholas
She must cooperate with my mom - Uwem
She must be faithful to me after God - Lance
She must be fair - Connor
She must read her Bible - Byron
She must be there for me in my darkest times - Klyde
She must be gentle-hearted - Andrew A
She must have self-confidence - Desmond
She must have pretty eyes - Mikey
She must put God first - Caleb
She must be philanthropic - Andrew W
She must be younger than me - Tim
She must have a beautiful voice - Walter

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Luke 18:1
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