Wednesday, September 16, 2015

He Must........

Every year, I have my students read the entry posted yesterday called The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. It will explain what I'm about to type here. On Tuesday, after talking about the previously mentioned article, everyone in my Gospels' classes listed five absolutes about the person they will marry in both the positives (He Must/She Must) and the negative (He Must Not/She Must Not). Here is the first installment, used by permission, from my young ladies. They are all are used by permission:

He must like anime. Eme- junior
He must want kids in the future. Jessie-  junior
He must be tanned! Lea- junior
He must like nature and the outdoors. Sydney- junior
He must be Christian or willing to convert. Annie- junior
He must respect my family culture and traditions. Annaliza- junior
He must be OK with imperfections; mine, his, and our childrens'. Bria- junior
He must be kind and genuine, strong and courageous. Roseline- junior
He must be funny and can make me laugh. Jean- junior
He must be taller than me. Rachel- junior
He must be generous with his love and material possessions. Laura- junior
He must respect his mom...and all girls. Diamin- junior
He must love Jesus more than he loves me. Marissa- junior
He must be the man God has planned for me. Ngozi- junior
He must smile at the thought of me and smile when talking about me. Hope- junior
He must be handsome and clean. Krystal- senior
He must be my sunshine. Iris- junior

He must be logical. Natalia- sophomore
He must have a supportive family. Mia- junior
He must speak either Korean or English. Lindsay- senior
He must speak Spanish or English. Elly- junior
He must smell good. Victoria grade 8
He must be educated and do things without being asked. Nia- grade 8
He must have a job and house before he marries me. Ivana- grade 8
He must be well-rounded. Cielo- grade 8
He must be willing to talk to me. Jasmine- grade 8

He must be able to support me when I need it. Haley- grade 8
He must mow the yard. Hailey- grade 8
He must be Godly. Vy- grade 8

He must be all of the fruits of the spirit. Madison- grade 8
He must protect me with all of his heart. Jordyn- grade 8
He must let me write music about him. Lillian- grade 8
He must love God so much he's willing to give up anything for Him. Bria- grade 8
He must help with the kids. Alexi- grade 8
He must go to church with me. Genesis- grade 8God bless,
Luke 18:1
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