Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dennis And Prayer Time (Dave Hawley)

My  entry again tonight while I am on my mission in Can Tho, Vietnam, will come from the pen of my brother, Dave, the nation's winningest high school tennis coach!

Back in 2006, when our granddaughter Harper first started having her medicalissues, one of the first things that one of Zach and Haley's friends did was to setup a prayer vigil. It was possible to claim a small spot of time where prayers for their family would be offered. It was pretty quickly filled up and conceivably 
people prayed around the clock for Harper. One of my friends from church, 
Dennis Lacey, chose 8:20 pm and dutifully began to prayer nightly for her.

Harper eventually left this earth, but an interesting thing happened... Dennis 
didn't change his watch alarm, and instead, continued to use that time to pray 
for other people. A really good use of his time... In fact , when he got a new 
watch, he programmed 8:20 in again. Numerous times I have been with him at 8:20 when his watch has 'dinged' and I've silently thanked him.

About a month ago , I purchased a summer tennis watch from Wal Mart (Casio,$10, on sale!) and they were kind enough to set it for me... At 12:15, out of 
nowhere, my alarm went off. At first I thought, "I've got to fix this!".... But then it hit me.... I've got a new prayer time! So at 12:15 every day, when I can, some 
one gets a brief plea on their behalf to God. And what a great gift of an example Dennis gave me!

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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