Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thnigs I Can't Discard (Dave Hawley)

My  entry again tonight while I am on my mission in Can Tho, Vietnam, will come from the pen of my brother, Dave, the nation's winningest high school tennis coach!

There are times when I find myself being a serious pack rat ....tons of stuff that SHOULD get thrown away seems to hang around. Maybe I think I'll wear it again. Maybe it's a momento of an event, such as a ticket stub or a program. Could be anything... And it drives me crazy! BUT not enough to change.

However, there are some things that I keep with intention. They bring something special back to me. One of those things is a Caring Bridge site that chronicled the struggles of Harper, my granddaughter, in late 2006 until her death in early April of 2007. I read it about once a year because I NEVER want to stop remembering her from her short time here. I'm always touched by the army of people who lifted Haley and Zach up in prayer and encouragement, and it reminds me of the huge impact we can have on those who need bolstering.

But when I read it a couple of weeks ago, all 500 plus posts, something was different. I counted three specific people who came to their rescue through encouragement who themselves had succumbed to earthly death, through illness, that none of them could have known at the time. None of them ever met the other, and yet they had a powerful connection.... When these three people fell ill, multitudes of people came to THEIR rescue and comfort, and mourned greatly their passing and sang their praises as people of God. I'm sure none of them comforted our kids so they would some day get a like response... They did it because God moved their hearts, because their hearts were ABLE to be moved. There is a powerful lesson there.

BUT, even if that response does not come our way, it should not matter... God in fact is our ultimate comfort. God bless us to be active agents of comfort to each other!

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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