Friday, July 10, 2015

The Flaws Of Others (Dave Hawley)

My next several entries while I am on my mission in Can Tho, Vietnam, will come from the pen of my brother, Dave, the nation's winningest high school tennis coach!

Like most people, I have several pet peeves. I KNOW you want to know what some of them are (I'm making a huge assumption here) so here are 5 ( don't judge...5 is probably the tip of the iceberg for most of us!):
 *people who talk about their finances in front of you (maybe jealousy from me)
 * hearing whistling in a room you can't escape from
 * people who have to top stories
 * pickup trucks that sit 10 feet off the ground (ok, that one makes me kind of laugh)
 * people who treat you to all of their business whether you wanted to know it or not.

 There you go... My top 5. And do you know WHY these are my 5? Because I think (after much soul searching) that these things I don't do myself. However, I'm beyond sure that MANY things that I do make OTHER people's pet peeve lists, and they have great justification in saying that some of my behaviors drive them crazy.

 So ..... What's my point? I guess that we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and we are no different. BUT we have a savior who could look at our entire lives as one big pet peeve, and yet He shows us grace and mercy. Surely that is what we as followers should have as our road map... To look past the flaws of others and instead see people who need our ministry, not our disdain.

God bless,
Luk 18:1
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