Monday, July 14, 2014


Tonight's installment is again by my god friend, Ken Ellis. Keep me in your prayers as my mission in Vietnam enters its sixth day!

It’s never easy to take responsibility for something that goes awry be it a simple mistake or a colossal tragedy.  It’s difficult to stand up and say, “It was my fault.  I accept responsibility for what happened.”  We try to teach our children to be responsible for their actions and to admit when they have messed up.  And it doesn’t get any easier it seems when children become adults.  There was quite a controversy regarding the responsibility for Jesus’ death when The Passion of the Christ opened in theaters last year.  Many felt that the film unjustly indicted the Jews for His murder.  So, who was responsible for the murder of Jesus?  Charles Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize newspaper columnist for the Washington Post, who is also Jewish, had the following to say about this issue:  “Jesus was first a Jew – a descendant from the lineage of King David and Abraham.  Jesus was not a Christian per se; rather those who later followed him after His ascension became known as Christians.  Jesus ushered in the Christian dispensation.  One is a Jew because of lineage and religious belief.  Jewish leaders delivered him to the Romans and he was crucified physically.  But it was my spiritual sin that placed him on the cross.  The Jewish leaders were tools . . . merely an end to a means.  All of mankind, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists caused this death.  Jewish leaders can’t be blamed solely for this act.  We are all co-conspirators in his murder.  And it was because of man’s depravity that He died." Amen, Charles.  Amen.
Ken Ellis

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Luke 18:1
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