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Bedtime Blessings ACT III

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We began working on one of my favorite memory verses in all five classes last week. All of my 100+ students wrote The Blessing Of Aaron for a grade as a memory verse and repeated it on their test. Found in Numbers 6:24-26, God commanded the first high priest of Israel to use these words to bless his chosen people:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

We spoke of the human need for approval and how parents can have such an effect on the self-worth of their children. We talked of bedtime rituals and how moms and dads can make their kids feel important and ease their fears. I told them about how our folks tucked us in when we were small, prayed with us, and kissed us good-night. With that discussion as background, I gave each student a sheet of paper and had them pen a bedtime blessing to the child they will bring into the world in future years. The next several nights, I'll let some of them speak for me. Boys are in blue, girls in pink, and all are used with permission.

Goodnight my little angel. Cleanse your heart of all anger. Sleep was my escape from my problems and may it be yours, too. Never forget the blessings God has given you. I pray for you every day to be kind, gentle, and a representative of God’s love. You are my little beauty, and God’s as well. Know that I will always love you even if you did the unthinkable. Goodnight, my precious gem. You will always have my love ,even if everything was torn away from you.
                                      -Annie Brown

Just as I fight with my mom and the curse that your child will be ten times worse than you; I will take that challenge. Everyday will be a new beginning with you. I don’t know you yet, but I can’t wait to meet my stubborn-headed, sweet, loving, and Frank baby girl. Your family loves you and we always got your back. Don’t let yesterday’s troubles cloud the sunshine that wants to greet you in the morning. We will fight- I have no doubt in my mind about that- but no matter what we say, I want you to know that I love you. Everyday is a blessing with you, my babygirl. Everyday that lead to this was a struggle and every hour and minute was worth it to see your beautiful face. God has blessed me with your love and mine to you.

                             -Maggie Frank

To my sweet baby girl, Harmonie Alexandria, sweet dreams. I love you to the ends of the universe and back. You are my entire world. I will always be here for you, and so will your father. As parents, we will never go a day without telling you how much we love you. Always remember you can do all things through Christ, He gives you strength. You are my shining star and the key to my heart. Sleep well, dream well. You are loved by God forever. Goodnight my love.

                            -Lexii Gray

Dear sweet little angel. You are my heart and prized possession. God always loves you and will always guide you to him in the path of righteousness. I will always love you through the good and the bad. You are my sweet angel; no matter how hard life gets, I will always be there with you. I will teach you all the great things that God has taught me and my parents have taught me. Don’t ever hesitate to come to mommy for help. Mommy will always love you. Goodnight my sweet little angel and sweet dreams. May God bless you for the many things to come in life.
      -Madison Simon

Sleep well, my princess. You will always be loved, even when your daddy and I go away. My princess, you are a wonderful blessing. My life was empty until you filled my heart with love. Sleep well my princess; don’t you cry!  Mommy and daddy will always love you. Goodnight! Love,  Mommy.

-Ally Sanders

Goodnight, my son. When the lights go off don’t be afraid because the Lord is always with you protecting you. And you can always come to me and your mom so we can help you. Don’t let anyone change who you are in a negative way because you should stay true to yourself and be strong in your relationship with God.

-Jared Cyprian
Sleep tight, my son, and trust the Lord always. Make Godly decisions in everything you do. I love you my dear son with all my heart, even if it doesn’t seem that way all the time. Respect everyone older than you and be the best kid you can be. God sees all of the kindness and compassion in you and will reward you later.
-Jared Cebrun
Sleep well, my little baby girl. Let hope, joy, and love fill your heart. I love you very much and will always be here for you. If you ever have anything that is on your mind, don’t be timid to ask. My arms will always be open to comfort and protect you. Thank the Lord for another day. I love you more than you can imagine. May the Lord lead you on a safe path. Sweet dreams, pumpkin. Love, Daddy.
-Payton Alix

My daughter, the love of my life. Don’t define yourself by worldly standards but by the standards God has set for you. Choose your dreams so you never have to ask what if. Love your life with no regrets and control your temper for if you are anything like your dad, it will always be a struggle. Pray and thank God everyday because he never promise you anything. Life is a challenge. There are rewards and failures but surround yourself in God for he is your rock and strength. I’ll love you and enjoy you every day of my life. Sleep tight and well. Love you.

                                              -Storm Robertson

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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