Thursday, August 29, 2013

Perfect World, ACT II

We begin our Bible 1 course with a nine week section on Creation through Moses  before we dive into the Gospels. Last week, as we studied the Garden of Eden, I found that most of my students, the majority of whom are 8th and 9th graders, believe they would find that perfect world boring. Based on what they know, they think life would be difficult at best without cell phones, the Internet, the Mall, WHATABURGER, and football. On their test, they had to describe to me what they think a perfect world would be. Their thoughts are interesting to say the least. These are used by permission and we will have some more tomorrow! Natalia is an 8th grader on my basketball team, Justin is a freshman golfer, and Paris, a junior, is from China!

A perfect world to me would probably be a place where there was peace. It would be a place where we didn’t know good and evil, a place where there was no technology and no television, a place where we could just be with each other and enjoy times we have together. If we didn’t know the world as we know it today, it would be perfect. We could just have fun with each other and I doubt we would get bored because we would only know about each other and we wouldn’t know anything about phones or technology. A perfect world is where we could actually talk to God and He talks to us. Even though we can pray right now, we can’t hear His voice and actually hold a conversation or just say, “What’s up?” It would be a place where we were actually really good friends of God; EVERYONE! A place where everyone believed in God and didn’t look toward some scientific explanation; a place where we would just put all of our trust in God; a place where there was no sickness because there is no sin. I’d like a place where God feels proud of creating us and doesn’t grieve about it.

A perfect world to me would be already knowing things instead of learning them. No place to be scared, able to play games as long as I want. It would be where you could play games with Jesus and be able to be a friend to everyone. I would be where we could do any job we want and be able to do it together. I could play video-games in real life as a person. It would be fun to be able to do what you want except for bad, ugly, nasty things or sin. The best part would be no curse words. It would also be good to go back in time to see what it was like before a perfect world except you don’t learn from the time movie so it's just enjoyable. There would be no Rated-R or NA-17 films and scary movies. I mean why do people want to be scared? This is what I think a perfect world would be.

Physical: We don’t have to worry about food and money. There is no concept of “Business” or “Economy” because everyone has the willingness to share the resources and no one is greedy. We have clean air and water and there is a perfect relationship between human nature and animals. It is just like we can have everything for free but we still cherish, and thank God for anything we have.
Social: We don’t have much pressure on work and study. No one should fight for his job. We treat each other as family and we don’t judge people when they did a bad job because we understand each other. No one has to say bad things behind each other’s back because in this world no one knows what evil is. Love is filling the world and there is no war or conflict. More importantly, there’s no country- every piece of land and every district, cold or hot, belongs to everybody.
Spiritual: We all know there is a God who governs us and we are parts of Him. We are grateful for everything; we are optimistic and we pray for everybody. In spirit, we are not separated from each other. Everybody understands how this world works so they won’t damage it. They also know that they’re always with God, so they feel safe and happy and peaceful.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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