Friday, August 30, 2013

Perfect World Scene III

We begin our Bible 1 course with a nine week section on Creation through Moses  before we dive into the Gospels. Last week, as we studied the Garden of Eden, I found that most of my students, the majority of whom are 8th and 9th graders, believe they would find that perfect world boring. Based on what they know, they think life would be difficult at best without cell phones, the Internet, the Mall, WHATABURGER, and football. On their test, they had to describe to me what they think a perfect world would be. Their thoughts are interesting to say the least. These are used by permission and all three of our authors are new to WCS this year!

I’m not sure what a perfect world would be, but I could tell you a few things I think would be included. Everyone would believe in God and have no doubts because I know I do sometimes, and it would be peaceful. We would still have cell phones and modern technology and no one would be incapable of having them. We would ignorant of unkind ways and bad intentions such as drugs, sex, or lies. We wouldn’t need to pay- we would just have a supply and people happy to help anyone and everyone. We would be content with our “plain lives” and we would be content with it because we would be unaware of the excitement that we find in bad things. And I would Marry Harry Styles.

A perfect world in my eyes, doesn’t need to be a small secluded garden with two people. It could be the world we live in along with some changes. Physically, I would change the pollution. We have pollution that fills the air and ruins the earth we are blessed to have. Our earth can’t take too much pollution. Spiritually, Christianity would be encouraged, but I feel like any other religion you have will be allowed as long as it does not distract from other religions.  Socially, I would have everyone be nice. They could only be polite and use proper manners. This would be the only way people would know how to behave because sin in this form corrupts us. For my perfect world, the people would be the biggest change. How we act and how we live are the biggest factors to a perfect world.

A perfect world to me would be a world with no hatred, war, suffering, death, sickness, or racism. Everyone would love each other and we would all go to church on Sundays and have a spiritual life with God. However, a perfect world would also be a boring world. In today’s society everyone is entertained by bad things such as Rated-R movies, Call of Duty games, crude humor, bad words, etc. No one wants to see G-Rated movies because they are “boring.” As humans we learn from our mistakes which may be sins. Sins are what we try to learn from so that they don’t happen again. So as much as I would like to live in a perfect world, it would be very boring.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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