Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Perfect World

We begin our Bible 1 course with a nine week section on Creation through Moses  before we dive into the Gospels. Last week, as we studied the Garden of Eden, I found that most of my students, the majority of whom are 8th and 9th graders, believe they would find that perfect world boring. Based on what they know, they think life would be difficult at best without cell phones, the Internet, the Mall, WHATABURGER, and football. On their test, they had to describe to me what they think a perfect world would be. Their thoughts are interesting to say the least. These are used by permission and we will have some more tomorrow!

I think that God knew that Adam and Eve were going to sin. A perfect world without any sin, mistakes, or challenges would not be a perfect world. I say this because when we make mistakes, it gives us an opportunity to correct it and the experience we have from that mistake enables us to learn more and also that there are consequences to our actions. I’m going to give an example: It would not be the same to a mother if she gives birth without labor because that nine months that the baby is in the stomach is the time that you get to get close to the baby. And even though you cannot see him or her or talk to them, you will know that they are children and that love grows more and more. When we sin and repent we come closer and closer to God because you never know the worth of someone or something until you lose them. When you leave God’s side for a second, you feel that loneliness and you come back to Him. Even though God has always loved you and He will continue to love you, you love Him more than you realize if you sin and repent. God loves us whether we are in a perfect world or not. If He didn’t love us, He wouldn’t have told Noah to build an ark and also take two of every animal. I’m not saying a perfect world wouldn’t be great, I’m saying is that we should learn from the world we are in now.

I think that the perfect world would have every good thing. We would have no war, no fighting, no debt, nothing bad. Everybody would be friends and nobody would have a speck of hatred in their heart, we wouldn’t even know what that would feel like. Nobody on the earth would be obese and we would all live up to 120 years, and I say that because God said that, that's how long we will stay on the earth. Everyone would believe in Jesus so we would all go to heaven and be with each other forever. Every person would like their opposite gender. Because it would be a perfect world, Jesus wouldn’t have to die for our sins, so we would have an amazing relationship with God and His son because he would be our best friend. We would need no more people on this world because, there would be no sickness, no cancer- it would be awesome!   

I don’t really think a perfect world is what God wanted anyway. If He did, Adam and Eve would have never sinned in the first place. Our whole life is a test, a test to see if we are able to live in this “imperfect world” and be able to overcome the temptations and find our own true calling for his purpose. But  I guess the first thing a perfect world would need to have is unity and harmony with other people. So we would have some sort of really good system where everything and everyone was treated fairly, which is nearly impossible, hence our “imperfect world.” A perfect world would also need God because of course, we can’t do anything without God. Everyone would be free to do as they like and as they please. There would be no consequences because no one would ever do anything wrong. Why? Because that's unrealistic, that's why! God’s whole entire plan, his whole entire purpose, was centered around the fact that Adam and Eve sinned. There would never ever be a need for a perfect world. Why? Because there would never be a need for Jesus, the crucifixion, and Him dying for us. A perfect world would eventually get boring, anyway. He gave us a choice. A perfect world would never be interesting or fun, for anyone. God made our imperfect the way it is so he could see who would give up everything and take up the cross for him. That's why it is our duty as Christians to not only do so, but to help others as well. An imperfect world is just what God wanted. He knew what He was doing.

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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