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Sophomore Blessings: The Benediction

We began working on one of my favorite memory verses in all five classes last week. Last Friday, my sophomores and eighth graders wrote The Blessing Of Aaron for a grade. Found in Numbers 6:24-26, God commanded the first high priest of Israel to use these words to bless his chosen people:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

We spoke of the human need for approval and how parents can have such an effect on the self-worth of their children. We talked of bedtime rituals and how moms and dads can make their kids feel important and ease their fears. I told them about how our folks tucked us in when we were small, prayed with us, and kissed us good-night. With that discussion as background, I gave each student a sheet of paper and had them pen a bedtime blessing to the child they will bring into the world in future years. The next several nights, I'll let some of them speak for me. Boys are in blue, girls in pink, and all are used with permission!

My darling child, may I always watch over you and protect you, just as your Father in Heaven watches you. No matter what happens, know that you can always come talk to me about anything because I love you and want to be in your life. As much as you might need me, I need you, too. I need you just as much if not more than you need me. My love, I pray I will be your role model, the one you want to be like, the one in whom you will put your trust. My beautiful child, you are the apple of my eye. Without you, I would be missing a piece of my life, a small bundle of joy that was my miracle. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers.
                                    -Mandy Monteith

As the moonlight shines on the earth, close your eyes and sleep tight for the uncertain new day ahead. I hope you grow up big and strong and just as my father tells me and told me everyday. I love you. May you grow up to be kind, respectful and be respected. Even if it may not seem like it, I love you and will support you, even if I am not around. May you be happy for the rest of your life.
                                         -Minna Wong

Dear precious little angel, you are loved more than all the stars in the sky. Your life was planned perfectly by God, so it is full of many blessings and joy. Your father and I will be with you every step of the way. We loved you before you were born, the day you were born, and we will love you all of the days after. We hope you love the Lord with all your mind and all your heart. He will guide you and protect you when we are not able to. Your father and I will do the best we can to give you what you need in life, and give you the love and knowledge to get what you want. We love more than life itself.
                            Love Mommy and Daddy
                                    -Simone Edwards

Sleep,  my dear child; lay in your bed and be at peace knowing that I will always love you. Clear your head of any evil thoughts of hate, jealousy, or sin. Rest and grow strong and never hate, for hate is the greatest evil in this world and the next. Look at me and know that you are my son and I am your father and I will always love you for all eternity-  nothing can ever change my mind. And whatever you do never, never, never march to the beat of sin.
                                    -Alejandro Pedrosa

My precious child. I pray that you find happiness everywhere you go. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I pray that you will have success in your life and never let anything get in your way. You are the most special thing to me and I pray that God will keep you safe. Some days, you and I will disagree, but in the end we will figure it out. I hope that I can give you everything you need in life but just know that I love you more than life itself. You have shown me the true joy of life and I pray that God’s glory will find you. One day you will be all grown up and even then you will still be my precious baby. I love you so much more than you will ever know.
                                    -Mary Matic

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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