Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She Must....

Again tonight and the next two nights, we will look at marriage from the perspective of  my students. This goes back to Sunday's entry called The Princess Bride and MookDa's List. All my students were asked to list six He Must or She Must statements about their future mate and then six He Must Nots and She Must Nots. These statements from some of the gentlemen in my classes are used by permission:

She must be honest. Deiondre.

She must love her husband only. Will

She must follow the way of Jesus Christ. John

She must have a kind heart. Andrew

She must be younger than me. Chris

She must control herself, and not get angry at silly things. Jason

She must be from a functional family. Zachary

She must balance me. Jalen

She must be healthy. Tre'Jean

She must have some of the same interests as me. Matthew F.

She must have a good relationship with her parents. Bryce

She must have good self-esteem. Marcos

She must love God more than anyone else. Princeton

She must be a sports lover. Matthew H.

She must go to church every Sunday. Ebube

She must have a goal or dream for her life. M.J.

She must be able to speak English or Vietnamese. Henry

She must be independent (able to do what she needs). Micah

She must be Chinese. Harry

She must have red hair. Nicholas

She must love me for how I am. Richard

She must be spiritually pure. Sheyi

She must have a clean mouth. Devin

She must be attractive. Matthew D.

She must have a sense of humor. Gino

She must be shorter than me. Jeremiah

She must have a good reputation. Cory

She must respect herself. Demoi

She must know about art, and be able to speak Korean. David H.

She must be nice to  my mother. Talghin

She must be able to let her guard down and be loving. Paul

She must be my same race. Dominique

She must want to have children. Kyle

She must be talkative. Ben

She must be loving. Johnny

She must be a virgin. Gabe

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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