Monday, October 17, 2011

He Must......

Tonight and the next three nights, we will look at marriage from the perspective of  my students. This goes back to last evening's entry called The Princess Bride and MookDa's List. All my students were asked to list six He Must or She Must statements about their future mate and then six He Must Nots and She Must Nots. These are used by permission:

He must be pure. Laura

He must know how to cheer someone up. Mallory

He must be great with children. Avery

He must love and care for his family. Lindsay T.

He must be at least five years older than me. Ivy

He must understand Asian culture. Minh

He must be open minded. Janelle

He must smell good. Francie

He must love himself. Bryanna D.

He must be taller than me. Megan

He must be proactive. Mckenzie

He must be a college graduate. Darian

He must know how to communicate, even if we're mad at each other. Brianna L.

He must have my best interest at heart. Tiffany

He must be thoughtful and romantic. Autumn

He must have good health and hygiene. Hadiya

He must be acceptable to my parents. Kaylan

He must be strong and brave. Victoria

He must have very beautiful eyes and teeth. Wanlisa

He must speak Vietnamese, although he doesn't have to be from Vietnam. But he must learn Vietnamese in order to speak with my parents. Tam

He must be able to keep me on the "right track." Hannah

He must know how to cook with me, or just for fun. Dani

He must be friends with my daddy. Lilly

He must respect his family and my family, especially his mother. Claire

He must have some facial hair. Emily

He must have a promising future. Kelsey

He must be British, or have a desire to live in Europe. Kaitlyn

He must honor his mom. Chelsea

He must have an equal, or higher education than me, not just a job. Raven

He must be open to new ideas I might have. Lindsay M.

He must be a Christian. Erin

He must be self-controlled. Apple

He must have the same values as me. Stacey

He must have the ability to earn money. Melody

He must be approved by my father. Alison

He must love animals. Shannon

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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Karen Kyle Ericson said...

That's so sweet. Thanks for sharing it. : ) At my old age (51), I'd say
He must know where the laundry hamper is.
He must turn his head when he snores.
He must love the Lord above all else.
He must treat me with honor, love, and respect.

My hubby does his best with all of these.