Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Fit (Joe Widick)

The entry tonight is again by Joe Widick and concerns one of my favorite topics, a Honda Fit, which I also own! Please keep me in your prayers as I work in Vietnam!
Elaine and I were extremely excited a week ago, to be heading to Houston, Texas to see our youngest son and his family.  We are blessed to have five of our six grandchildren close at hand so we can see them on a regular basis.  It is not possible however to see Josie who lives in Houston.  The reason for our trip was her third birthday.  Driving to Houston is a 14 hour ordeal.  Our well laid out plans was to get to Birmingham after Bible study on Wednesday night, then travel the rest of the way on Thursday.  One mile from our exit on Wednesday night we experienced car trouble.  The next morning we limped along to a Honda dealership to find out what the problem was.  We needed a new transmission which was very costly.  What hurt the most was that it would delay our trip by at least a whole day if not more.  We decided to buy a car!  Our focus was to get to Houston to see our family.  To me, buying a car is never an enjoyable experience.  Under these conditions it was deplorable.  The salesman was pleasant as he showed us cars.  We finally picked out the car we wanted.  It was a small Honda FIT.  As I look back over the experience nothing really bad happened.  We were safe and sound.  The dealership was actually on our way!  Through all the negotiating, paperwork etc. Elaine and I were focused on one thing and one thing only.  We wanted to see our granddaughter and celebrate with her and her family.  Did we get a good deal, probably not.  Did we ask the needed questions about a FIT, most certainly not.  Did we shop for the best financing, no.  Our focus was getting to Houston not on a FIT. 

I have asked myself since the experience, how focused am on Christ?  Do I allow other things to come in and take my focus off of my Savior?  What about problems, do they become an excuse to lose focus.  What happens when I desire worldly things, do I allow myself to be distracted to the point that I see their pleasure and not the joy of knowing Christ.  I am intrigued by Paul’s statement “I press on toward the goal to win the prize…”  It appears that Paul did not lose focus.  He knew what he wanted and he was determined to get it. 

We elected to drive instead of flying because of the cost of airline tickets.  Guess what, a FIT cost a lot more than airline tickets.  Would we go to Houston again?  Yes!  Guess what, on the next trip our focus once again will be on seeing our granddaughter.  I trust that each day I will also stay focused on my savior. 

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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