Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dat, my new buddy!
Good afternoon! When I talked to Tom back in the spring about what I would do in Vietnam, his response was, "Whatever I do." When I arrived, Tom was very sick and although he has improved, he is still in bed. This kind of inhibits my actions! The good thing is that I have spent quite a bit of time just talking with Tom and if you know him, you know that is an experience! Tom has done mission work in more places than anyone I know and I have learned so much about the work of the Lord in Vietnam and the work he has  done in other places. I'm also nearly finished with a book he has written about his work in Saigon and Can Tho the past five years. If he had been feeling well, this would not have happened.

This morning, I went with Ngan and Yen to register another girl in the church for public school which is not free and there is no guarantee of acceptance. I asked Ngan, who goes to Harding, if she would have to stand in line. She laughed and said you don't really stand in line in Vietnam. I watched and it seems more you just try to butt in.

The boy in the picture is Dat who has kind of adopted me as he has adopted Tom. His father was a church leader who was killed in a motorcycle accident in the fall. I thought he was five but he is nine. He will come into Tom's room where I'm staying at just sit quietly for long periods of time. He loves the WCS hat I gave him! He also drew me a pciture!

A few observations:

Food presentation here is very important, even for snacks.

Everyone in Vietnam has a electric motor scooter!
I'm not going to wear my Westbury Christian t-shirts. Tom thinks it is better not to take the chance. This is much different than China where I wore WCS stuff everyday.

Keep me in your prayers and remember, I love e-mails!

God bless and love,
Luke 18:1
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