Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wish List

This week in my Bible classes, we talked about what we wish we were better at. I told the students I am a terrible sleeper, that I never make it through the night but often wake up eight to ten times. This is nothing new- my sleep patterns have always been poor. There may be a reason. Several year ago, I read on a Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator analysis that extreme introverts, a category in which I reside, are not good sleepers. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I had my students write out two areas of their lives they would like to improve. There were common answers having to do with school, family, friends, and spiritual matters. What I attempted to show the kids is that most of the items listed were often in their control to change. As always, they were very honest and as always, these are used by permission. The thoughts are color coded, blue for boys and purple for girls, and include introspection from kids grades 8 through 12.

"I wish I could forget about my own insecurities and be more outgoing." J

"I wish my mom and dad would live together." M

"I wish I could be certain I will make it in life." E

"I wish I had more confidence in the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with." D

"I wish my heart was so lost in the Lord, that any guy who wanted to have me in their life would have to seek the Lord first to find me." J

"I wish I could speak both Korean and English perfectly." C

"I wish I could open myself out to everybody and just be myself without shading any part of myself from people." P

"I wish I could control my anger better when things aren't going well." F

"I wish I could love the ones who love me the most unconditionally, without thinking I would get hurt." C

"I wish I could read the Bible as a habit and not just because it is an assignment." J

"I wish I wouldn't push the people who mean the most to me away." J

"I wish I could set a good example for my little sisters." P

"I wish I could confront my problems head on and not hide from them." K

"I wish I was a better follower of Christ." J

"I wish I could accept me for me and not compare myself to other people." C

"I wish I could be happy in my own skin." B

"I wish I could control my temper in all sports, but especially basketball." R

"I wish my dad wasn't always angry." J

"I wish I could realize when it was Satan telling me what to do rather than God." T

"I wish I could control my limits better; then again limits are a figment of imagination." C

"I wish I could respect adults more and not let my anger control what I do and how I respond to something they say or do." T

"I wish I could learn to accept that I will make mistakes and not demonize myself so much every time I mess up." J

"I wish I could compete at all times." J

"I wish everyone in my grade would stop calling names, including myself." B

"I wish I was born in the U.S." A

"I wish I would help my mom more around the house and let my mom know how much I appreciate her." B

"I wish I would be stronger instead of crying all the time." J

"I wish I could do my homework the day it is assigned and not the day it is due." H

"I wish I would have stayed in ice skating classes." S

"I wish I saw my brothers and sisters more often." A

"I wish I could watch a movie with domestic violence without leaving the room." O

"I wish I could find a truly beautiful girl; one who cares for me as much as I care for her, and one that respects my dreams and beliefs; one who will stick by my side through thick and thin." K

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Terri said...


When I read your first paragraph, I thought, "Me too!" I'm a terrible sleeper and an introvert as well. I never knew about the connection.
I can remember only one night in at least 5 years that I slept through the night. My husband and I were camping up in the mountains. As beautiful as the trip was, sleeping through the night was the most exciting part for me.

When I read the quotes from the young people it really gripped my heart. Some of these are such weighty issues and go so deep. Then to think that this is just a representation of so many more just like them. It's cutting. It just makes me want to get on my knees and pray, which I will do.