Friday, October 08, 2010

Wish List 2

(This is the continuation of last night's entry.) This week in my Bible classes, we talked about what we wish we were better at. I told the students I am a terrible sleeper, that I never make it through the night but often wake up eight to ten times. This is nothing new- my sleep patterns have always been poor. There may be a reason. Several year ago, I read on a Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator analysis that extreme introverts, a category in which I reside, are not good sleepers. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I had my students write out two areas of their lives they would like to improve. There were common answers having to do with school, family, friends, and spiritual matters. What I attempted to show the kids is that most of the items listed were often in their control to change. As always, they were very honest and as always, these are used by permission. The thoughts are color coded, blue for boys and purple for girls, and include introspection from kids grades 8 through 12.

"I wish my family and I could have family gatherings more often." J

"I wish I would bring my parents more joy, happiness, and love instead of stress in their lives." J

"I wish I was more extroverted." C

"I wish I could catch a touchdown in a football game." V

"I wish I wouldn't let small things get to me and control me - like eating." A

"I wish I knew God really existed." E

"I wish men treated women with more respect." I

"I wish I gave my girlfriends more time and paid more attention to their opinions." G

"I wish that I would follow Christ no matter what others do." S

"I wish I could control myself when I was shopping." V

"I wish I could be more of a leader rather than a follower." E

"I wish I could better talk to girls (in person)." N

"I wish I could be more talkative around the opposite sex." O

"I wish that people understood me." A

"I wish I could forgive my dad for what he has done." M

"I wish I could fully understand the American culture." B

"I wish I could use my heart more than my mind." M

"I wish my parents didn't have to work so hard to give my sister and me a better life and future." L

"I wish I could control my anger when talking to my parents." T

"I wish I could stop criticizing my art work." K

"I wish I could find a wonderful girlfriend who would never leave me." J

"I wish I could be quicker to listen and slower to speak." E

"I wish I could have spent more time with my grandfather before he died (June 21, 2010)." W

"I wish I liked to read (because I don't)." D

"I wish I could stop saying "what if" and believe in "what's next". G

"I wish that I could cry." D

"I wish I could repay my mom for all of the things she has done for me and my sister." G

"I wish I could control which boys talked to my sisters." D

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Luke 18:1
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Mary R. said...

Thank you for following my blog. I am somewhat acquainted with Coach Don Meyer, although he may not remember me or my husband, having attended a few church services at a church at which he is an elder and hearing him preach a couple of times. He is a fine person.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

very interesting response from the students. many of them seem to wish they could show more gratitude to their parents.
i'm wondering what sort of response i'd get from my students. am sure the cultural difference would show though the basic concerns would be the same.