Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He Must....

Last week, my students read yesterday's entry entitled The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. Then, each boy and girl had to make a list of five absolutes for the person they marry. Here are some thoughts from my female students. Tomorrow, we will consider the male perspective.

"He must be intelligent and clean." Emily

"He must want kids." Julie

"He must be loving and romantic." Princess

"He must share most of my common interests." Jonnie

"He must respect my parents and respect the law." Julia

"He must be older and taller than me." Emily K.

"He must be a leader and financially stable." Oyinda

"He must be fashionable." Jalyn

"He must be able to have intelligent conversations with my dad." Giselle

"He must be able to go through hard times with me." Yesenia

"He must enjoy life, be supportive, and want to commit to our marriage until death." Audrey

"He must be Vietnamese/ half Vietnamese and love his mother." Jenny

"He must speak at least a little Chinese." Jeanie

"He must let me keep my last name (family name) of Yang." April

"He must have a loving heart." Katherine

"He must love me unconditionally." Mary

"He must have a plan for his life." Ashlee

"He must be willing to put his life on the line for his family." Taylor S.

"He must respect my parents." Laura

"He must help with the family." Minna

"He must have shorter hair than me." Aeriel

"He must be taller than me." Ruby

"He must be willing to cook." Jada

"He must carry himself like a man should." Cydney

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Luke 18:1
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PJ said...

I loved your post today! How old are the students? Do you have several Asian students? I couldn't help but notice how many kept saying "respect my parents", like my dad, love his mother. That to me is important. My hubby of course never got to meet my parents, but my sister and I are as close as "mother and daughter" (she's 6 years older than me) and he won't have anything to do with them. When they come through town and want to visit, I meet them at a restaurant and visit. It's so sad. All because my brother-in-law is an evangelist and my husband (I think feels convicted around "devoted" children of God. He's one who feels "religion is a private thing between a person and God." I can't convince him any differently. Believe me I've tried. Anyway, he doesn't have anything to do with my family and it makes it hard, even resentful sometimes because we live around his family and do stuff with them all the time and I never complain.
Boy did this ever open up a flood gate. Sorry about that.

God Bless,