Thursday, October 14, 2010

She Must....

Tonight and tomorrow, I will show some of the boys' responses to the reading from Tuesday, The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. Please note that none of these listed physical beauty, a mark of maturity at this age which includes both eighth graders and high school gentlemen.

"She must be serious about her religion." Jacob

"She must agree to naming my first son Steve Hawley Alsmeyer." Zak

"She must be a hard worker." Darius

"She must be confident." Alexander

"She must be loving to her children." Joshua

"She must be joyful." Christian

"She must be willing to love me forever." Carson

"She must like to swim." Clay

"She must be African American." Bryce

"She must tell the truth." Nick

"She must point out my wrongs in a nice way." Harrison

"She must know the Bible." Kennedy

"She must be humble to God." Jacob

"She must be independent." Stephen

"She must be pure." Chege

"She must be willing to take a stand." Evan

"She must be close to my age." Brandon

"She must think about what is better for US." Alejandro

"She must enjoy humor." Eric

"She must be shorter than me." Bao

"She must understand me clearly." Rys

"She must be able to drive." Yuhao

"She must have discipline." Ernest

"She must be approved by my parents." Jason

"She must be Hispanic." Oscar

"She must know when it's okay to be classy and when to be comfortable." Gabe

"She must be willing to sacrifice for me." Matthew

"She must be good with my mom." Devone

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Luke 18:1
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