Friday, October 15, 2010

She Must, Encore

Again tonight, I will show some of the boys' responses to the reading from Tuesday, The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. Tomorrow, we will start looking at the He Must Nots and She Must Nots.

"She must be Korean and like to watch soccer." Changmin

"She must make me a better person." Michael

"She must have beautiful eyes and smile." Jonathan

"She must get past my sister." William

"She must have great feet and teeth." Frank

"She must have longer hair than mine." Corbin

"She must have a good job that she enjoys." Hamilton

"She must pray everyday." Yoon

"She must be culturally open minded." Soren

"She must make me feel her love for me." Changwon

"She must love China." Chengyao

"She must be close to my height." Aaron

"She must speak Spanish." Matthew

"She must go to college and graduate." Stephen

"She must be generous to others." Jacob

"She must like getting outside and leaving the house." Clay

"She must not work for the same company as me." Carson

"She must be athletic." Alexander

"She must like cats, dogs, and Steve Martin." Zak

"She must enjoy watching me play in the NFL." Jacob

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