Saturday, October 16, 2010

He Must Not.....

This entry again hearkens back to the one from Tuesday, The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. Tonight, we look at what my female students absolutely cannot tolerate in the man they marry. Tomorrow, we will look at the male perspective.

"He must not have been divorced." Audrey

"He must not be a dropout." Giselle

"He must not be an excuse maker." Yesenia

"He must not have other children" Jalyn

"He must not have hairy legs." Emily

"He must not deny the Lord and always go to church." Julia

"He must not be obese or a smoker." Jonnie

"He must not have a sexually transmitted disease." Princess

"He must not be easily angered." Juliana

"He must not hit me or our children." Emily A.

"He must not yell at me." Jenny

"He must not be disobedient to either his parents or my parents." April

"He must not ignore me." Mary

"He must not be more than two inches shorter than me." Cydney

"He must not be disrespectful to his mother." Taylor E.

"He must not be dirty or leave his belongings lying around." Jada

"He must not be an alcoholic." Ruby

"He must not wear tight jeans." Aeriel

"He must not be more than five years apart from me in age." Laura

"He must not be cheap." Taylor S.

"He must not have bad hygiene." Ashlee

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