Sunday, October 17, 2010

She Must Not.......

This entry again hearkens back to the one from Tuesday, The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. Tonight and tomorrow, we will look at what my male students absolutely cannot tolerate in the woman they marry. These gentlemen are from eighth grade through seniors.

"She must not lie to me.'' Aaron

"She must not have anger problems." Matthew

"She must not be TOO serious." Zak

"She must not be scared of everything." Alexander

"She must not curse or say bad things." Bruse

"She must not cheat." Carson

"She must not have a criminal record." Bryce

"She must not be more than two years older or younger than me." Nick

"She must not be boring." Chege

"She must not be insecure." Evan

"She must not be a vegetarian." Brandon

"She must not be taller than 5'6''ish." Austin

"She must not dress inappropriately." Terrell

"She must not be manipulative." Harrison

"She must not be lazy." Kennedy

"She must not want to live in an apartment for even a few years." Jacob

"She must not have bad hair." Stephen

"She must not have tattoos." Alejandro

"She must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol." Justin

"She must not be annoying." Eric

"She must not suspect me or joke about our relationship." Daniel

"She must not gamble too much." Bao

"She must not act like she's my mother." Rys

"She must not be very sick." Hao

"She must not have a problem with my parents." Ernest

"She must not have had children before marriage." Jason

"She must not refuse to have family time." Oscar

"She must not wear fake hair unless there is a medical reason." Gabe

"She must not always use my money." Chengyao

"She must not be high maintenance." Anthony

"She must not have too many ex's." Hasani

"She must not be older than me." Changwon

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PJ said...

I would have loved to have known the ages of each student as they answered. Some had some pretty good answers while some were pretty superficial. I got a kick out of them.

God Bless!