Monday, October 18, 2010

She Must Not, Final Edition

This is the final installment of a series of student thoughts based on the entry from last Tuesday, The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. At the suggestion of a valued reader, I am adding the grades of the young men whose comments I used tonight. To read the perceptions of all my students, go back the past six entries. THANKS!

"She must not be promiscuous." Richard 12

"She must not discriminate against anyone." Elson 12

"She must not be afraid to take chances with me." Tyler 12

"She must not be reluctant to have children." Nicholas 12

"She must not flirt with my friends." Garrett 12

"She must not look down on herself constantly." Ian 12

"She must not have an ego bigger than mine." Cody 12

"She must not get mad at everything I do." Gerran 12

"She must not be a pushover." Gerran 12

"She must not be loud." Christian 12

"She must not be critical." Bryant 12

"She must not hate cats." Joey 12

"She must not be over protective of me." Marcus 12

"She must not be white or Asian." Tobe 12

"She must not be wrapped up in material things." Johnavon 12

"She must not have a bland personality." Soren 12

"She must not be super talkative." Hamilton 10

"She must not compare me to others." Yoon 10

"She must not be way taller than me." Jacob A. 8

"She must not be physically attracted to other men." Joshua 8

"She must not be selfish." Darius 10

"She must not be a gold digger." Devone 10

"She must not be too bossy." Francisco 12

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