Sunday, August 08, 2010

Color My World

One of the best things we did at the orphanage was color. We bought about three hundred colored markers and crayons from a little store in town and each afternoon, we had a class for the little ones. Lavender would have the children color a page from The Book and we we would have the kids tell us the corresponding story. After that, she would lead the children through an English lesson, including videos from her laptop. We started out with five children and by our final week, we were up to twenty-seven as the older children decided to join us. I discovered that the kids there like to color and draw just like my students here in the US! The children received great enjoyment from displaying their masterpieces on the wall of the classroom. As you can see, I also joined in the fun! Above are some pictures from our afternoon sessions.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Teresa said...

This is so beautiful and awesome! With great action you are revealing the love our awesome God! I love this! I'm so glad I stopped by...

Sherry Ann said...

I love coloring books! I could do it everyday, especially with lovely kids like them :))