Saturday, August 07, 2010

Down By The Lazy River

The orphanage tries to have the kids be involved in as many activities as possible which meant I was involved, too! This is an e-mail from July 13, complete with the pics I sent out. I hope you get a sense of the fun the kids- and adults- had!

Good afternoon! The heat is oppressive but we are making it. This morning, we had a class on ASK-SEEK-KNOCK that went well. Afterwards, we taught an English class, discussing American weights/measures, currency, occupations, musical terms, etc. I even talked about the exchange rate of dollars and R.M.B. the Chinese currency!

Yesterday, we went on an adventure. We took the kids swimming at a river about 45 minutes drive from here. We had to go in two shifts because of limited space in the rented vehicle. It was a neat place where they took us on a boat across a river to an island where the channel was shallow. I don't think any of the kids can really swim but they loved playing in the water with small innertubes. I joined in and left with a nice sunburn! It was so much fun! After we swam, we had a cookout on the island. Over an open fire, we roasted hot dogs, potatoes, egg plant, and leeks. Dessert was apples and watermelon. All of us were exhausted! You might notice that that the children swam fully clothed. It took a long time to get the dirt off my khaki shorts! I broke down and purchased a pair of flip flops. Nobody here wears socks. It really, for me, was a matter of convenience as it is hard washing dirty socks by hand!

Keep us in your prayers as we make headway with the kids. Several of the younger ones struggle as you might expect from not living with parents. They attach themselve to you very quickly. The older girls really seem to want to learn and they are very open. If I had a million dollars to help here, I would not know where to start in terms of facilities but they do the best they can and the children are loved. I love hearing from you even if I can't respond to each e-mail. Thanks for everything! PICTURES WILL FOLLOW!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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