Monday, July 12, 2010

Beijing/ Saturday Afternoon

It's Saturday in Beijing and it is hot! This morning, I helped teach an advanced English class with David and tonight we have a beginning class. Last evening, David and I went to the English Corner in the university district and conversed with many people who wanted to practice their English skills. Tomorrow, I will give a lesson on Matthew 25 to the assembly. We just returned from the supermarket. On Monday, Lavender (who is my translator) and I will take a 20 hour train ride followed by a three hour bus ride to the North Canton Care Center. Our stay is not quite determined yet. The tough part about knowing when to return is that on top of the 23 hour journey back to Beijing, I will also have a twenty hour return flight to Houston and need to be at work the next day! This morning, for the first time, I went out by myself to a coffee shop but it wasn't opened yet. I sat and watched the world go by for a half hour in one of the world's great cities. I was reminded of the words of one of my favorite hymns by Frank Mason North:

Where cross the crowded ways of life
Where sound the cries of race and clan
Above the noise of selfish strife
We hear thy voice, o Son of Man.

In haunts of wretchedness and need
On shadowed thresholds dark with fear
From paths where hide the lures of greed
We catch the vision of the tears.

The cup of water given for thee
Still holds the freshness of they grace
But long these multitudes to see
The sweet compasion of thy face.

O Master from the mountainside.
Make haste to heal these hearts of pain.
Among these restless throngs abide;
O tread the city's streets again.

What an adventure to be in Beijing! I could never have imagined growing up in Nebraska that I would work in China. This is truly a gift! My concept of what we will do at the orphanage is getting clearer. Remember us when you speak to the Father.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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