Monday, July 12, 2010

Update From China

We, Lavender and I, arrived at the NCCC yesterday after a 21 hour train ride followed by a three hour bus ride and ending with a thirty minute taxi ride. There are twenty children here for summer; some have gone to stay with other relatives. The poverty is appalling but the children are shown incredible love. I taught my first class this morning; it was really a get to know each other session. Lavender is invaluable and she sees herself as my protector. I would never have by myself from Beijing; it is just too confusing to a Westerner. I am not sure how the class went this morning but I received some invaluable advice by e-mail from a young lady from Tennessee who lived here for a year. This afternoon, we took a shopping trip into the city. I bought some extra basketballs and nets. We find out the value of little things we take for granted, like full size towels and hot water!

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PS Lavender says HI!

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Sherry said...

It sounds like an incredible journey for you, Steve! Lavendar sounds lovely! Personal experience has taught me never to take small, everyday conveniences for granted. I am thankful for my hot shower and clean towels! Over here in CA we're still praying for you in all respects. Praise report! My daughter is getting baptised next month! The Lord made himself nice and cozy in her heart and she's ready to take the next step. Yay! Please keep my friend, James in your prayers. God is working on him in a big way and my husband and I will have a huge chance to share the Lord with him in two weeks when we all get together for our high school reunion. I'm excited! Life is good and God is constantly revealing himself in new ways. Every day is a victory! Hi Lavendar!