Thursday, April 08, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Last night, I ran some sentiments of my female students when asked how they wanted to be treated by young men, after reading the post entitled The Date, from Tuesday. This evening, I give you the thoughts of some of our young men when asked, 'How would I expect my daughter to be treated by a young man?' I emphasized the point that the way they want their unborn daughter to be treated in twenty-odd years is how they should treat young ladies in the present.

"When I have a daughter, I will definitely do the same thing to make sure she has the proper view of dating and how a guy ought to treat her with respect. So many girls that battle through bad relationships during dating do so because they weren't shown the standards and the respect that they deserve. Sometimes, self-confidence can come from a father's time with a daughter. Taking that time and showing her what dating is all about can make a huge difference in the long run. When she is asked on a date, I first want to meet the guy and scare the heck out of him. That way I know if he doesn't treat my daughter with respect on the date, he has to answer to me! Of course, it's going to take many "trials" for my daughter to find the right guy, so it is important to be a good support system at home. Hopefully, these things will lead her down a prosperous path when it comes to dating."
Tyler Topeka, grade 10

"I expect a boy who wants to date my daughter to be open, respectful, and moral. I do not want to see some thug walking onto my doorstep, but a clean-cut, nice young man. He must not be afraid to talk to our family, and he must pamper my daughter. He better treat her like a jewel, because no daughter of mine shall be left in the dust."
Andrew Smith, grade 10

"When a guy comes to take my daughter, he must be self-respecting. I want fingerprints of this person. I'm sending her with ten dollars. She should come back home with it, too. If this guy can't pay the toll, then he can't cross the bridge. I want to know where they are going. I won't give a curfew, to see if he would bring her home at a respectable time. Other than that, I'm a easy dad."
Cameron Thomas, grade 12

"I'm not entirely convinced I would let any boy or young man within 50 yards of my daughter unless I have a shotgun in hand! OK, in all seriousness: in order to date my daughter, I would expect nothing less than the qualities becoming of and defining a respectable young man. Not a boy, a man. I would expect him to put her before himself, to cherish and appreciate her, to be honest and faithful, in even the tiniest matter, and to essentially treat her as a princess or angel. I would expect a man who also can admit his wrongs and strive to fix them."
Chris Milner, grade 12

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I see what you were getting at, the girls wanted to be treated with respect but most men didn't,
Yet these same men would not want their daughters to be involved with a person who could not treat his daughter to his liking.....probably the same men who at the present is the men who have no respect for women now.

Very clever.