Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prayer Request

I am foregoing my normal entry this evening to ask for your prayers. Last evening, Erin Breen was killed in a car accident here in Houston. Erin was a 2008 graduate of Westbury Christian School. He was a very bright and engaging young man who I greatly enjoyed teaching in both eighth and tenth grades. In a small school like ours with only about sixty students per grade, situations like this hit even closer to home. Erin's brother, Evan, is a senior this year, also a terrific young man, and a student in my first period class. Erin's folks are wonderful people and I would guess you would have had to experience a loss like this yourself to have any comprehension of what they are going through. Life is short and sometimes, tragically so. Please pray for Erin's family and friends to have comfort and closure as they come to grips with their loss.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I can't imagine. I prayed for the family..every familys worst night mare. Onlt God can provide peace when your life falls apart in ways you never believe you will overcome!!

astrosfreak09 said...

I still can't even believe that it happened. I feel like something has been ripped out from under me, and coming from an ex girlfriend and someone who's seen him as a best friend and a rock for the past 3 years, I still can't even imagine what his family is going through. I already miss him so much and I haven't even wrapped my mind around everything that is lost without him now. :(


I am so sorry, my prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends. Indeed a very sad loss.


Jennifer said...

On behalf of the Breen, Estrada and Tovar family, we'd like to thank everyone for your many prayers. Words cannot decribe the pain of losing Erin. Erin will dearly be missed! Thankyou all for your prayers. WE Love & Miss you ERIN!! Jennifer(

jmr said...

Erin will be forever in our hearts. I grew up with Erin and Evan they lived two houses down from me and they were both like my little brothers! I'm in shock that it happened and my heart is heavy with sadness, but The Lord will provide comfort in this time of need. Please pray for his parents Jim and Rose and his brother Evan! REST IN PEACE!!!

Brandi said...

I sat next to Erin in his Computer Science class at HCC Stafford. He was so kind, polite, and helpful. He had a nice smile and was so smart!
Erin was close to the ages of my step-children, so I can't even begin to imagine what his parents are going through.
His parents and younger brother will be in my prayers!

Courtney said...

We are thinking about you, your parents and your brother. God bless.

Kerstin, Courtney and Cody Blair