Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Treat Her Like A Lady

Last week, I had my students read about The Date, last night's entry about the first dating experience of a friend of mine. I had the students write their opinions of what Jennifer's folks did for her followed by a gender specific question. The girls were asked to explain, 'How I want to be treated by a young man.' I thought it fascinating that every one of the approximately sixty girls who did this assignment used the word RESPECT, some more than once. Here are a few of their replies. Tomorrow, we will look at the young men's point of view.

I want a man to treat me like a princess. I want us to have similar interests or at least be flexible. If we disagree, I want to be able to compromise or figure it out in some way. The man must respect me and understand me. He must NEVER cheat or be disrespectful to my family. I want to feel completely comfortable that we can be honest and not take it too personally. I want him not to be fully complete without me.
Hanna, grade 12

Before I go out with any young man, I'd have to know him, be his friend, and watch how he interacts with his friends. If he's not a good friend, then there is no way he'll be a good boyfriend. Overall, he must be a man of God and treat me with respect. He must want to meet my parents and respect them also. He will be kind and treat me like a lady, not like one of the guys. Most importantly I would want a boy who respects his mother because, if you can find a guy who treats his mother with kindness and grace, you can expect to be treated similarly.
Taylor, grade 10

As any other girl in the world, I would want a man to respect me regardless of my appearance, ethnicity, family background or knowledge. I want to be cared for and listened to no matter how meaningless the words are. In my opinion, without respect and caring, it's very hard for a boy and a girl to get closer to form a relationship. I want somebody that can smile and tell me that " You're beautiful" without makeup. I don't need to be anyone's entire world, just a tiny village somewhere, anywhere on their map. That will make me happy.
Emmy, grade 12

I expect young men to be truthful and honest. They don't have to give me anything in material items but they do have to show love, respect, admiration, and compassion. His dress and appearance must be proper and he must treat me in a way that honors God when we are together. He must treat me like royalty, but not so excessively that he loses his own sense of self.
Alexis, grade 10

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jeff Jordan said...

Amazing how us guys so often get caught up in believing women want something they really don't.

Find a gentle, gracious, and honest man who respects other people and you'll usually find a sweet woman on his arm. It's really pretty simple.

If we would close mouth and open ears more, we would find it's not that figure women out, that is.

Thanks for sharing, Steve.



Those girls have much sense.


Lloyd said...

Interesting post. God bless, Lloyd

Doris Plaster said...

I am enjoying reading your posts. How interesting.