Friday, November 13, 2009

The One: Senior Insights

Here are some thoughts from my seniors as we again grapple with the real or imagined concept of THE ONE.

"I firmly believe that there is one person specifically one earth for every person. The Lord made marriage a sacred institution. I think people get cold feet because God is imposing His will; He is showing you that they aren't right for you. God created one special person in His image for everyone on earth. The right person may take awhile to find, but we must trust that God will have our best interest at heart."
Cameron, grade 12
"I think that God lets us choose and gives us multiple options. He loves us enough to give us free will and makes it so we can make our own choices. I do believe in fate. I think God sets us up or makes paths for us, but He doesn't control our choices. I think we should follow our heart; it will never lead us into evil."
Hanna, grade 12
''I think that God made someone for all of us. We may think that there is more than one, but God knows that there is just one that He created in our likeness. I believe that there is "The One" out there, and in time, God will let us meet."
Stephanie, grade 12

"I think that a series of events leads us to finding that one true love, that everything you go through with a girl is leading up to something. Maybe it's a great friendship, or the ending of one, but I do feel that God has that one person for everyone. In order to find that one you have to date and get a few bumps and bruises until you find that one love out there. You just have to look."

Jarrick, grade 12
"I believe that God has chosen "The One" for us already. He knows the type of person you are going to be and knows who would be the perfect mate for you. There is a one for everyone who is looking for one, but if they're not looking, they might never find them."
Syundai, grade 12
"I think there are many people that God has in the world for you to choose from. I think it is like a fork in the road situation. Depending on your decision, God has different trials you will go through and different rewards you will receive. There are those you may think could be "The One.'' So, I don't think there is only one person God has set out for you- instead, there are many different people. All of them have their rewards and their consequences that go along with them."
Winston, grade 12
"I do believe that there is that special someone out there for everyone, but I'm not sure if there is only one. We all have special needs and God tends to them according to His will. When the time is right, we will be with the one. Sometimes, that time is more than once."
DeAndre', grade 12
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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