Saturday, November 14, 2009

The One: Final Thoughts

Here is the final installment of my students' views on whether the Lord has picked out one soul mate for each of us. It has been a split decision in the opinions with some of the kids seeing it both ways. I hope you have enjoyed the last several days. A major thanks to Chelsey Villareal, one of my student aides, who has done most of the typing for me.

"I think God has one person meant for you. You might go through other loves but there is always that one special person. You go through breakups because that person was not meant for you. God gave you that one special one and it may take time to find them."
Veronica, senior

"It's difficult to determine whether there is The One person for everybody. I do believe that God has laid out a plan for each one of us and I do believe there is that one special soul mate for certain individuals. Perhaps the soaring divorce rate in America validates this belief. People may go though two or three marriages before finally finding the one who is truly meant for them. It's obvious that some people never find the one because marriage is not for everyone. However, God has a beautiful plan for each of us and if we are fortunate enough to find that one special person in our lifetime, it can be one of God's greatest gifts to mankind."
Elvan, senior

"If you're looking for The One, you're hoping that God will lead you to them or they will come to you. It does not matter who leads you if you're not moving. When people think of The One, they think of who they are destined to be with but you can't sit around waiting! You have to experiment and discover what traits you like and don't like to even know what you're looking for in The One. If you close your options because of color or outward appearance, you may have just passed The One up, walking down the street. But, God opens a window when a door is closed. When you get married and you have a fight with your mate, are you still thinking you married the door or you settled for the window? Many people may love you in your life and you may love them. But, how do you find 'Your One' without opening up and allowing the billions of people in the world to see how close you really are to them? Opposing magnets attract. Think about it......!"
Caulin, sophomore

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Luke 18:1
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