Thursday, November 12, 2009

The One: Guy Perspective

Tonight, some of the young men in my classes will share their views of The One. (This is based on the Monday entry, You're The One!) These gentlemen have some very unique thoughts!

"I think there is more than one person for everyone. Even if you aren't the best looking, the smartest, or the richest, there are people out there who love you for you. You can learn to fall in love with people by how they are as a person and what you are looking for in them. Love can just pop up on you at any time, even when you are not looking for it. You can talk to someone for awhile and not realize how much you love them, even if you thought before that the person wasn't your type. That's why I wish people could have generic faces, so everyone could find love the right way without looking at appearance and would really have to look down deep."
Anthony, grade 11

"I think God has created someone special for each and everyone of us-- the one person who is meant to make us whole and complete in body, mind, and spirit. However, love is a word thrown around today all too often and I do not believe most people truly understand the magnitude and implicit meaning behind such a powerful word. The right person could take years upon years to find, and all too often, people simply give up hope and settle for second best. However, it is precisely the difficulty in finding that special someone that makes the search all the more worthwhile in the end. Just like anything else in the world, something easily found is likewise easily lost and never all fulfilling- the way love is portrayed to be."
Chris, grade 12

"I believe "The One" is that special someone who I am going to love for all of eternity. There might be many "Ones", and we will always think we have found them, but searching for "The One" is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. You'll know when you've found "The One" because you will feel it in your gut and in your heart."
Paul, grade 10

"I believe there is "The One.'' Once that special one is in your life, you will make sure that they stay in your life, even if they break your heart. They will always have a blueprint in your heart. "The One", I believe, is sent from God, so relax and take life easy because God had already made plans for us."
Sammy, grade 12

"I believe there is only one that the Lord supplies for us to find. We might struggle finding "The One", but through struggle comes success. If we look for "The One", I believe the Lord will supply that person to us. Even though "The One" might not be right in front of you, I feel that one is still destined for you."
John A, grade 10

"It is assumed that one has one soul mate somewhere in the 6 billion people that reside the earth. Rather than having just one compatible companion, I believe God has provided each of his children with a cluster of possible partners. God makes the love work if it is His will, but you as a lover will chose who you love."
Remington, grade 10

"I think there is a one for everyone in the world. God made us in so many ways. God made us with different personalities and there is someone in the world who might have the same personality as you. When you find that special someone, you will learn to cherish her "until death do you part". God had many surprises for us in the world when it comes to love and when we find "The One" we will thank Him."
Jonathan M, grade 10

"I believe there is more than one, because I believe marriage is work and nothing is perfect. I believe God has a specific type of person set out for another person, but does not create a person simply so they can marry another person. I do not believe in "The One" because that means they are perfect for you and even their flaws are perfect, when in reality some of the best couples hate each others flaws, which in turn makes them better."
Chase, grade 10

"I really love to say no, there is not "The One.'' I think it really is imaginary to think that way. There could never be that perfect person to fall in love with. It's more like the best you can find. God made us a perfect creation, but not too perfect to satisfy the other gender. I'm not perfect and plus, I see finding that person as a trial and error. I just have to go through it before I can settle down and take things seriously."
Junel, grade 10

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Luke 18:1
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