Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The One: Female Perspective # 2

This is the second installment relating to Monday night's entry, You're The One! Again tonight, some of the young ladies in my classes address the issue of mate selection.

"I believe everyone has a certain special someone out there for them. Love is unexpected and can lead to a lot of tears and hurt, but once you've found it, those risks become secondary. Maybe relationships don't last because you are not with the one God has chosen for you. Once you find someone who you think is Mr. Right, everything changes. You not only have a physical attraction but a spiritual attraction created by God. You notice the little things, like the way he smiles or his eyes or his kindness and gentleness, and you are willing to go to extremes to please who you think is "The One". You don't have to go looking for love, love will come to you."
Amber, grade 11

"I believe there is always "The One" for everyone. God creates each person for a purpose- to have a happy life with all the people you love, especially your soul mate, the one you will grow old with. This doesn't mean that you will have to go and look for the "right" one- fate will bring you together. I would like to share this quote, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was." If that person is definitely "The One", no matter how far you're apart, you will always find each other in the end. You can meet many people in your life but you will end up marrying the one person."
Emmy, grade 12

"I don't think there is only one person for everybody in terms of romance or marriage. I think there are possibly more than one. You may date someone and fall in love with them, but then again you could also love someone else, but not as strong. Some people die alone; maybe they weren't meant to marry. I don't know- maybe there is someone out there for everyone, but maybe they re just lost and need to be found. It could be a short search, like your best friend of the opposite sex or a far away one who lives in a different country, and maybe even a pointless search, because you aren't meant for marriage."
Jamiyla, grade 10

"I do believe there is only one person for everyone. You could meet the person you are meant to be with forever, but just pass them up because they are not up to your standards, whether its appearance or material things. Since I think there is only one person for everyone, then the people who get divorces have not met their "One.'' I also think that the Lord gives us options and we just have to pick the right one for us."
Taraka, grade 10

"I believe that there is not only one person out there that was destined to another precise one. When people get married, sometimes tragedies happen, and one may lose the other soul mate; after that, they get re-married, most of the time, and still live a very happy life. They would still think that other person is the "One"; but what about the one you lost and you used to call the "One?'' How many "Ones" are there? I think there is not only one person who could be the one, but lots of others could also take that postiion."
Vanessa, grade 12

"I'd like to believe that life is like a fairy tale and there is one person (Prince Charming) who comes and sweeps you off your feet. Whether that is true in life is something I'm not sure of. Many people believe they have found 'The One' and a few years later it ends in divorce. Perhaps that person was not really 'The One' and you remarry and live happily. I think some people get it right the first time and some people need a few tries. 'The One' is who you love and are with for the rest of your life so, I suppose, there really is only ONE."
Danielle, grade 10

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Luke 18:1
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