Friday, February 20, 2009

The One (Young Mens' Perspective)

Yesterday, I shared some thoughts from the young ladies in my classes concerning their opinions on love, marriage, and The One. (Please refer back to 2-19, You're The One!) Today, I give equal time to their male counterparts. I am always amazed at the thought processes of students. We don't give them as much credit as they deserve for their ability to analyze and assess the meaning of the Scriptures. Here is a sampling of tenth grade boys' feelings on the subject of The One:

"Jesus does have a plan for everyone and some people's "plans" don't include marriage . The one could be anyone but it would have to be planned by God to really work. Most people think that they have found the perfect person but it ends in a tragic divorce. The true and perfect person can only be found with and through God. If God doesn't want you to marry someone it's for a good reason. The one is decided by God and not man."

"I think there is more than one person . Love has no boundaries. Even if there is one person you love, and that didn't work out, there is always another waiting. People are placed on the earth to find love and there is always a compatible person for you. All it takes is two; one man and one woman."

"I disagree with the assumption that there is only one person for another person. You fall in love with a certain characteristics that a person has. Characteristics are shared between certain people. There is no one person that has a characteristic that only he/she has. Also, the odds are heavily against people that believe in "the one." If there really is only "the one," why are there so many marriages? In a world with six billion people do you really think that everyone that is married has found "the one?" I doubt it."

"I think God gives you options, then you change yourself for that person. If there were only one person , would God be demonstrating our free will to make the choice we make in life? Everyone has more than one friend, and a wife is your best friend. You've had more than one best friend growing up. So I believe their are more girls out there than just one. I can choose who'd I'd want to conform to and be with."

"I think there is a 'the one.' People think that the people they marry are "the one,'' but sometimes it could be possible that the person they marry is just a brought- n love due to dating. I believe that "the one" specific person can only be found by immense patience and guidance from God. The likelihood for everyone finding their "the one" is very slim because few people are able to be patient waiting for that special person to come along."

'' 'The one' is cliched by everyone. Time and time again, people witness others proclaiming " Oh, she's the one" or "Oh he's the one, but yet do they stay together? Is it truly a thought that has to be for a person to believe he is the one or the thought of "I love her?" Or is it merely being around someone who allows the other to be themselves and all they have to do is show compassion? "The one" is not "the one" but actually the many people who are ready to make another person their true one. "

Applicable quote of the day:
"In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”
Hans Nouwens

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Luke 18:1
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Volleyballs said...

Hey Coach Hawley! I don't think there is "the one". I have put a lot of thought into this and I have to say that there are many people out there that you can fall in love with. Not everyone is perfect, so for those who think that "the one" has to be absolutely perfect is in for a huge awakening. Of course, everyone has certain values that they look for in a person and yes, you can find someone with every single value, but sometimes the relationship still doesn't work. Some people have even had problems with people because they were just too perfect. Sometimes, you can feel that you have found the one but the person doesn't feel the same. The point is, love is probably the most confusing and heartbreaking thing but at the same time can be the best and most enjoyable thing in your life. There isn't just the one. There can be hundreds of the one for you all over the world. But, your husband/wife is just the one who realized how special you were first.