Wednesday, November 12, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Verse 2

Today's entry is a continuation of yesterday. These are sophomore girls' responses to the question, "How do I want to be treated by a young man?" Their thoughts were filtered through the article entitled The Date from Monday.

"If a guy thinks you are special, he will make the effort. Women should be treated as treasures rather than targets. A man should want to get to know a girl for what is on the inside rather than her outward appearance. Women have become accustomed to men treating us with little care. If you want to be treated like a treasure rather than a target, you should dress and act like God's treasure. I want a man to treat me with a sincere respect. A lot of guys treat women with artificial respect, just to get somewhere. A man who truly wants to be with a woman has to be mainly attracted to her soul. He has to have a Godly attitude. That's number one. As my mom put it, he cannot be half yoked. He has to have a great relationship with God and act that way."

"I wanted to be treated with respect! I want him to open the doors for me, and not me opening the doors for myself. My mom and dad have been married for twenty one years. They got married at age eighteen and they have been in love ever since. My mom tells me, if the guy I choose to marry is nothing like my dad, I can't marry him. She says that jokingly but that's true; if a guy is nothing like my father, I won't marry him!"

"I would want to be treated with respect because it makes me feel really good. Also, I would like to be treated like a young lady because that would make me feel that they're not only interested in me physically but spiritually and mentally. I would want them to treat me like I'm worth something not just a piece of trash."

"I would want a young man to treat me with all the respect he can. I am a little old fashioned, so I want him to ask my parents permission. My parents are very important to me and if they don't like the guy, he isn't worth my time. What really made me like my boyfriend, George, was that he asked my parents if he could take me out. When they approved, I was so excited and happy because they'd always said no to all the other guys. When he took me out, he was such a gentlemen- as polite as you can get at a Rockets game- buying me whatever I wanted and walking me to the bathroom to make sure I was safe. When he picked me up before the game, I got to meet his parents, too! Both our parents get along GREAT and family means everything to us. I already found the young man that treats me right!"

"I want to be treated like a queen. When we go out, I want him to ask me in advance to give me time to prepare. When he comes to pick me up for our date, I would like him to knock on the door and when we leave, open the car door for me. When we get to the place where we are having our date, I want us to have respect towards each other. I want us to have something in common so we can get along. I want us to really talk and get to know each other. Then when it is time for me to go home, I want him to open my door, walk me to my house, give me a hug, tell me he'll call me as soon as he gets home, and watch me walk in the house."

"I want a guy to be polite, open the doors, pull back my chair, and always say hello to my parents before I go out with him. Every time I see him, I would like for him to have a smile on his face, and be cleaned up. Obviously, there would be exceptions to that, such as if I went to see him when there was something wrong. As for cleaning up if he played a sport, I would come watch him play, therefore he would be sweaty."

"Just as Jennifer's dad treated her, I want to be treated like a princess, I want the boy to take time to care for me and treat me like a lady should be treated. I think if a guy doesn't do that it shows he doesn't really have time. I want to be respected and like I said before, treated like a princess."

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Luke 18:1
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