Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Love, exciting and new...." In a twist of fate, the worst television show ever- The Love Boat- had perhaps the most memorable theme song ever. Love is always exciting and new to teenage girls. Here are some responses to the post yesterday, The Date, in regards to the question, "How do you expect to be treated by a young man?" You will notice a common theme running through each view. These replies are all from my sophomore Gospels classes:

"Everyone deserves respect and should think about their standards. I want a guy to accept me for who I am and to brush off any of my minor flaws. I also don't want to be dependent on a guy financially which is an important lesson my mother taught me. I also think that trust is the number one thing a couple needs to sustain a relationship. You can't build a relationship on lies and mistrust. My parents are very strict and protective of me. My father taught me to never settle for less than what I deserve and that life is too short not to be happy. I want a guy to be fully committed to me and to be able to talk about anything even if the talk is to work out any problems we as a couple, may encounter. I want a life partner to be there for me and to lift me up when I'm weak. A man who will open up to me and let me comfort him when he needs it. Although divorce is an ongoing habit in my family, I won't let their past actions dictate my future. It has shown me that you have to work hard to keep a relationship together and that you never can tell what the future holds. I believe God has a plan for me and I hope that I can follow his plans ."

"I would like to be treated with love and respect and feel at peace whenever I am around the person. When I have a long day I could go and relax with the one I know who loves me back. It is the smallest things that count that show you are important and that I am appreciated for who I am and not who I pretend to be."

"I would like to be treated with respect and love. I want a guy to care about me and when he sees I'm upset, he would have the sense to ask me what is wrong and how he can help me feel better. I want to be treated like a princess because I am one. He needs to respect my family and love them as much as I do. I want him to think of me when I'm not around and to bring things when he thinks of me."

"When I was a young girl I wanted to date a guy that I felt I could trust. I wanted him to like me and to be my best friend, then eventually love me. I was not interested in exchanging "I love yous" too soon. Not one that showered me with gifts on a regular basis, but one who got me something he saw reminded him off me. I wanted someone to be honest with me and not to play games."
Mrs. Jennifer Arnold (my sub for part of the period)

"As long as you respect me and my beliefs, we will be fine. I just don't want conflict between the person I love and my father, who I have loved much longer. It would hard on me to pick between the two."

" 'Do not let any boy say anything or do anything your father would not with me.' These are the only words my mother has ever spoken to me about dating. As much as I hate to admit it, these words are ingrained in my mind. I'm constantly reminded of what true love is because of my parents. In all honesty, I want a guy who treats me the way my father treats my mother. They make each other laugh. Every day, my father calls my mother beautiful. He does everything he can to make her happy. He shows her that she's worth it. If they have a fight, he does something goofy to make her laugh. I want a guy to treat me with respect and love. I want to be treated like the only girl to him in the world. I want true love."

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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