Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Future Fathers Of America, Round 4

This is the final of eight installments with my students looking at dating. Tomorrow, we will hear from Mike White who married Jennifer, the object of the article these thoughts were based upon, entitled The Date. Thanks for all your input on my kids' writings!

"First, I would want the guy to be a believer because I want my daughter to be a believer as well. I would want him to be very respectful towards her and I would want him to be able to support her. I wouldn't allow him to ever hit her and I hope I educate her well enough so she will choose the right guy."
David, 10th Grade

"I'd want my daughter to be treated better than anyone at anytime could be. The young man should have a sense of chivalry. Of course, she has to like him and he has to come to church and then, home for dinner. I expect him to treat her in a manner that he would do in the presence of God. He has to pay the bill as well as get to know her and our family."
Ian, 10th Grade

"If my daughter went out on a date, she'd better be treated with respect. That means he can't ever call her names, not even as a joke. He better keep his hands in places that he would touch as if his mother were watching. He can't make her feel bad and he must keep her happy. He must pay for her to go out; depending on the price, she may pay half."
Gerran, 10th Grade

"I'm going to be strict but understanding with my daughter. Learning from my mother, if a child can't talk with their parents, they want to go out and find out on their own. I will allow my daughter to date but I will first have to meet and approve the guy she is going with. I will give my daughter no money because the guy should pay. I will call his parents to make sure he is allowed to be out. I believe that's its important that the parents are of decency because children aren't anything but a spitting image of the people that they hang with and the people that raised them."
Langstyn, 10 grade

"I would want my daughter to have a form of love with a guy she just met. But as her relationship may grow with that guy, the feelings might form in true love. I never believed in love at first sight because it is not always a real love people fall into. It is, at most times, a physical attraction and not an attraction of the heart." Tobe, 10 grade
" I would not want my daughter dating too soon, either; sixteen is a good age. That was my age limit, too. Just as my father did with my sister, I am going to have a little "pow wow" with the young man. Make sure everything is acceptable and ask him about his intentions. If my daughter is starting to see a boy a lot , I will invite him over to hang out at the house to try and get a glimpse at how they interact. Granted, their conversations will be different but I will still learn things about the fellow. I don't want my daughter settling for anything less than perfection." Cody, grade 10 ** (Cody is the subject of the latest poll question!)
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