Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Future Fathers Of America, Round 3

Here is another installment of the view from the male gender to the question, "How will I want my daughter to be treated by a young man?" On unrelated subjects, my WCS Lady Wildcats won again yesterday, our third victory in our last four contests. Also, I am still braving the cold weather of the pool!

"I would want my daughter to be treated like a queen. Respect and loyalty to her would make me less protective of her since I would be able to trust him. My daughter should be one of his main objectives."
Johnavon, 10th Grade

"I wouldn't want my daughter to date a jerk who only wants to use her. But then again, if she does something she shouldn't have done in life, it always shows up in relationships. Maybe she would learn that if she does something wrong, she deserves to have something done wrong to her or she will never learn."
Scott, 10th Grade

"I would want my daughter to be treated with honor and respect. I want a boy/man to treat his girlfriend better than I treat my girlfriend. I want a boy/man that we can take out of town with us, like a family get-together, so we can show him off. I want my daughter and the young man on the same page."
Vasquez, 10th Grade

"I would want my daughter to date the best kids. I'd want her to have high standards but still know how to have fun. I would want the guy to be a Christian and he would have to get along with her. I wouldn't force her to give up someone she really loved but I would still guide her as much as I could."
Joey, 10th Grade

"My daughter is not a tool, but a human, just like the man would be most important because that's what I would teach her to expect. This young man would view the date as a honor, as though she was a princess. Doors would have to open and chairs would have to come out and food covered, especially since the bride's parents, or dad, pay for the wedding. Consent with me would have to occur along with a private session between the young man and myself. Especially no "drive bys" or picking her up without coming to the door."
Paul, 10th Grade

"I would want my daughter to be treated with respect. I would want him to have good judgement. I would want him to defend her honor, but I wouldn't want him to be a complete doormat. I would want him to talk to her when she is going through emotional stuff."

Christian, 10th Grade

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