Monday, November 17, 2008

Future Fathers Of America, Round 2

Here is another sampling of the views of my eighth grade young men when asked, "How will I want my daughter to be treated by a young man?" Tomorrow, we will pick the brains of our sophomore gentlemen.

"It will be hard to get a date with my daughter. I think this because I have seen how it is for fathers and their little girls. It is different for boys. My dad plays football in New Orleans and he has to leave sometimes and when he does, I say goodbye and walk him to the car and everything. I just know I will see him later. But, my sisters cry and cry and cry, sometimes for hours. And I can see that's this hurts my dad because he want to see his little girls happy all the time; that's why they are so spoiled. And that's why I will feel the same, because of that special bond. I want my daughter to be treated just like a queen- that is what she will deserve."
Devone, 8th Grade

" If a young man wants to take out my daughter, he is going to have to prove that he is worthy enough. But, at the same time , no one will actually be good enough for my daughter. When they actually start dating, if they want to visit each other for Thanksgiving and stuff, the boy must always come to our house and not the other way around. That's just out of respect. One more thing; he must be an excellent student."
William, 8th Grade

"I would want the young man to respect himself before he can see my daughter. If he walks in my house with sagging pants, and tattoos all over his body, it would be an automatic NO. I would want the boy to be respectful to everybody and I would want to be able to be friends with the boy. I would want him to be able to communicate with me about my daughter and to be able to talk with me about problems in the relationship. I would want him to have a good relationship with Christ. "
Cameron, 8th Grade

"How would I want my daughter to be treated by a young man? He should respect her, make her feel like a princess. I don't want the date to be some kind of joke. The young man has to really want to go out with my daughter. He also has to not attempt anything that could kill her or hurt her. He also can't lay his hands on her. She won't feel respected if the boy just wants to touch her. My daughter has to enjoy being with her boyfriend. At least, that's how I want her to feel. He has to be honest with her, as well as trustworthy, and a servant. That is how this guy should treat my daughter."
Michael, 8th Grade

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