Sunday, November 16, 2008

Future Fathers Of America

Last week, my sophomore girls discussed how they would like to be treated by the opposite sex. Now, we will look at the other side of the equation. Here are young mens' views on the question, "How will I want my daughter to be treated by a young man?" I stressed to them that how they want their little girls to be treated is how they should act towards the young ladies they like. Some of their ideas might seem a bit overboard.... but they are thinking!

"I would want my daughter to be treated with respect. If the boy hurts her, I would hope she would break up with him. I would try not to interfere with her relationships but it might be hard to resist at times. I would let her make choices and if she made a wrong choice with her guys, I would interfere and say something."
Matthew (8th grade)

"I would want my daughter to be respected by all men, young and old. I would not demand to meet the boy while I held a gun but I would want to meet him and find out about his interests to see what kind of person my daughter is choosing to be with. If I don't like the person she is dating, I would tell her how I feel. My daughter will not be abused or mistreated!"
Charles (8th grade)

"I would let my daughter date any guy who has common sense, no tattoos, and who gives her respect. If he violates any of my rules, I would teach him a lesson physically. On school nights, they would have to be in by 10:45."
Christian (8th grade)

"I want my daughter to be treated in a good way. I don't want her to be treated like dirt but I also don't want her to be spoiled. I want her brought home by 10:00 PM or more free dates! (I will charge for dates.) I will meet both him and his parents."
Jonathan (8th grade)

"To date my daughter, you have to be a Christian, average looking, smart, and anything more she might want. He would have to ask her out, not her asking him out, because that is how I do it and how my dad did it. The boy would need to be able to talk to my wife and me. He should never touch her inappropriately or he's over. He would never call her dirty names."
Gabriel (8th grade)

"If my daughter was going out on a date, the boy must treat her with respect. The first few dates, he would have to bring her back by 10:30 PM and 10:00 on school nights. He would use no cuss words and he must be clean. If he hurts her, he will mess with me. He must always be a gentleman with her and be able to have conversations with me."
Chad (8th grade)

"I would want her to be safe so I would be very protective. The boy must come from a good family and show respect. I would escort my daughter and hide somewhere at the place they go and make sure he doesn't do something wrong."
Bailey (8th grade)

"I want my daughter o be treated like a queen. The boy she is dating should treat her like no other person could. I also would not want the boy to tempt her to do something she did not want to do. I also would not want him to be disrespectful to her because that would not be good for him."

Darius (8th grade)

"I would want a young man to love, respect and appreciate my daughter for what she is. He has to love her like I love her and take care of her. He must NEVER EVER EVER hit her or hurt her. If he does, he will go down! He has to be concerned for her- like calling her- but he can't be obsessed or stalk her. If she doesn't want to go out with him anymore or rejects him, he might do something crazy. He also can't treat her like another notch in his belt."
J.P. (8th grade)

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Luke 18:1
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