Monday, November 24, 2008

The Blessing, Chapter 3

I hope you are enjoying these parent-to-be blessings to the unborn of very future years. These were penned by eighth grade young ladies. PS: I made it safely to Wichita!

"My darling gift from God, leave all your struggles behind you. When you close your eyes, see happy thoughts. I know you, I love you, and you should always remember that. My darling gift, sleep well, and love every minute of it."
Kaitlyn, Grade 8

"My darling child, go to sleep. Don't be scared because God is watching over you. Be strong and show the world what you're made of. Pray that He wakes you up tomorrow. Sweet dreams."
Tosin, Grade 8

"My sweet angel, I love you and I thank the Lord for you every single day. May the Lord be with you as you sleep, and wake you up the next morning. Sweet dreams."
Autumn, Grade 8

"My child, I love you and pray for you. May God bless you just as He has blessed me with you. You are the greatest treasure in the world. Know you can accomplish anything; ignore what the world has to say. Have a good night sleep."
Kwa, Grade 8

"My love, always remember that you are wonderful. I am blessed to know someone like you. Always believe in God and let Him handle your situations. Pray and never give up. You are my sweet angel and I cherish you, my treasure from heaven. You will always be in my heart."
Giselle, Grade 8

"Sleep well, my child of God for you are a leader, and not a follower. You are blessed, for God is watching over you everyday and every night. I love you, David, and I always will. God always will. Sleep a good and peaceful sleep. Dream good dreams. Love is with you. God is love, you are love. Sleep well."
Alexia, Grade 8

"My child, always stay on the right path; never stray, go straight. Always trust in yourself and God. Be yourself in your way. I love you and sweet dreams."
Angelica, Grade 8

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Razgriz said...

Hello Coach Hawley I specifically made this account to comment on this post. Congrats on making it to Wichita, have a good thanksgiving...This is Cody Rowe by the way.