Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Blessing, Chapter 2

As I mentioned yesterday, my students penned bedtime blessings to their yet unborn sons and daughters, based on the Blessing of Aaron from Numbers 6:24-26. Here are some eighth grade thoughts:

"Hello, my sweet blossom. I am most blessed to have a bundle of joy like you. May God bless you one hundred times a day and keep you safe from those who wish to do you harm. I pray to god that when you grow up you will uphold yourself your like a queen. I pray that you will have the strength and the courage to overcome whatever obstacles the devil decides to concoct. I believe that you will come to know Christ early as I did and talk to him like a best friend. I love you more than gold, silver, or money. When I was young, I was foolish, insecure, and worried about petty things. I sought appreciation from boys and chased after them so I could feel accepted. Let me tell you something; no one defines you except the Lord our God. You are priceless and can never be replaced. Remember Christ Jesus died for you and is your prize in heaven. To the butter on my bread, the sugar in my tea and the best thing that happened to me . I love you so much. Mama."

"My sweet little baby, I hope you have good dreams tonight. I have hope that you will be loved and recognize God. Whenever you feel lonely or sad, think of Mommy, Daddy, and God. I'm always here for you. When you cry at night, I will cradle you in my arms and say a prayer, asking God to bless you with a goodnight sleep. I hope that when you're older you will find the perfect boy, one who will love and take care of you. Trust and believe in the Lord- he will guide you and love you just like I do. And remember, sweety, I'm always here no matter what. I'm always here. Love, Mommy

" My sweetheart, my gift of joy, my beloved from God. Those are all the names for you, my princess. I pray that your days are plentiful and your childhood is just as entertaining as mine. I pray you will know who you are as a young women; a treasure and the bride of Christ. I hope I can teach you from the mistakes that I have made and every day remind you how much I love you . You are beautiful, inside and out. I pray that whoever you like and choose to start a relationship with, will respect your body, and your personal values. This prayer is for you to encourage, strengthen, and inspire others and yourself to be all that I know you have the potential to be." Mommy

"Hello, my precious! You are my great gift from God and I will cherish you forever and always. I will love you more and more each day. You are half of myself and your amazing father and I couldn't ask for more . You are most high in my eyes and even higher in your Lord's. I thank the Lord for you everyday because I am blessed to have you as mine. I pray you sleep well and that God guards and guides you through the night. Good night, love, I will see you in the morning. "

"To my little soldier; my blessing to you is that when you grow up, you still remember how much you love me even when you're mad. When you wake up, just remember I'll be with you in your little heart. I hope you remember the fun times we have. I hope you will think of me through good times and bad. I hope when you find a difficult time in your life that you never give up- just keep trying. Sweet dreams, my little soldier. I love you.

"Dear Child, I want to just be there for you. I want to pick you up when you're sad. I want to not just be your father but your friend and talk to you about anything. You mean everything to me. May god bless everything we do together and everyday we spend together. I hope I guide you in every right direction. I love you and God Bless you."

"My dear baby boy, I love you so much more than you'll ever know. I always want the best for you so I try to do God's work for him and you, too. When you say 'Mommy,' a smile arises on my face. When I pray, I love to teach you God's word so that you can pass it on. You just keep learning as your life goes on. Love you, my baby boy."

"Dear little blessed one, I love you with all my heart and I will praise God for you as my little gift from heaven. Don't be discouraged in life, little one. Love the Lord and thank him for everything you have. May you have happiness. You may make mistakes but no one is perfect; however, in my eyes, you are. The Lord will be forever with you and your children. I love you."

" My dear child, I want you to know that I love you and will always cherish you. I pray that your life may be filled with love. I hope that all of your dreams are fulfilled and I hope that you get to live in the castle of your dreams and live a long and wonderful life. Sweet dreams."

" My child, you are the most beautiful thing in my eyes. I hope and pray that you are under authority and above approach. God is the one and only savior- worship him everyday. He will always answer your prayers and create miracles in your lifetime. My miracle is having you. Hopefully, you will have miracle that is much like mine. I love you, my sweet child...goodnight. Love, Momma"
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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