Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six Months

(Here are two pictures of Dad in the same location at Nebraska Youth Camp outside of Kearney. In the first, he is standing with my grandmother, Minnie Hawley, in front of the camp lake. In the second shot, he is leaving that same body of water after immersing a camper into Christ.)
Dad died six months ago today. It seems like yesterday and it feels like a lifetime ago. It was almost a relief when he passed away because of his suffering but now, the permanence is setting in. Last night, I tried to read my updates from his last full day and I could not make myself finish. Here is my update from one year ago today, or six months to the day before he died:
Monday Update On Dad (October 15, 2007)
Dad was re-admitted to St. Luke's this afternoon and has spent seven hours in an ER room. He has lost blood, probably due to a recurring problem in his digestive system that has been a problem for several years. The doctor surmised he might have had a mini-stroke or seizure, and the term TIA was used. They will run more tests in the coming days. There may be Medicaid issues dealing with leaving the rehab nursing home and going back into the hospital. We are blessed that Susan Jones has been with Dad this afternoon and evening. I talked with Dad and he sounded good! I told him he would do anything to miss a day of therapy. He laughed, a very good sign. Thanks for all your prayers!
(I remember this one.)
This morning, I spent some time with one of my students. In response to a prayer request/note from her quiz yesterday, we talked about her father, who has never been in her life. I told this wonderful young lady that I am confident she will be an unbelievable wife and mother and make sure her children don't miss what she has lived without. I told her that her mother had done an incredible job to produce such a special child. And, as we spoke, her eyes filled up with tears and she struggled to contain her emotions. At the heart of the matter, I believe, she just misses her daddy. And, tonight, I know just how she feels.
Applicable quote of the day:
"What do I owe my father? Everything."
Henry Van Dyke

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Bev said...

Steve, I love you blogsabout your folks. I meant to write after the one about Meghan how much of a striking resemblance she had of my memory of Nelda from all those years ago. I think you always miss your folks when they pass away, especially when big events happen in your life that you wish you could share with them, when my girls became engaged, the birth of the 4 granddaughters. I like to think that my mom knows all these things and has been able to see the girls--she would have loved them, like I do. Keep up the good work and know you're missed in south Ga. Love You, Steve&Beverly