Friday, October 17, 2008

Weddings, Water, And Mom

This is the quiz my sophomores took yesterday in our Gospels classes. I made several points as we graded. One was that it was a tremendous feat to come up with roughly 180 gallons of water in a short time to make wine considering Israel was a dry country. I asked how long that would take in our school which probably has thirty water outlets. I also asked if it is more important to obey the wishes of your mother instead of the Lord, which you can make a case happened here. I further asked how many of the kids' mothers ignored what they said, which it appears Mary did with Jesus. And we made the point that weddings, then as now, are a very big deal in society. The answers are below. Good luck!

Bible 10
John 2:1-23

NAME __________________

1. On what day did this take place? ________
a. first b . second c. third d. fourth2. The wedding took place at ______________ in Galilee.
3. Who had been invited to the wedding beside Jesus? ________
a. his mother b. his disciples c. his mother and his disciples d. no one4. What did Jesus call his mother? _______
a. Mary b. Dear woman c. Mother d. Mom5. Jesus told his mother that his __________ had not yet come.
6. How many stone jars were filled with water to make wine? ________
7. How much did these jars hold? ________
a. 5 gallons b. 10-15 gallons c. 20-30 gallons d. does not say8. Did the master of the wedding banquet think the new wine was good? _______
9. Was the master of the banquet happy with the bridegroom? ________
10. What number (order) of the miraculous signs that Jesus did was this? ________
a. first b. second c. third d. fourth
11. What were they selling in the temple courts?
a. ______________ b. _____________ c. ______________12. What did he use to drive the merchants out of the temple? _______
a. stick b. sword c. whip d. miracle13. How many years had it taken to build the temple? _______
a. 16 b. 26 c. 36 d. 46
14. Jesus said he would raise the temple in only _______ days.
15. The temple Jesus spoke of was _____________________.

1. c 2. Cana 3. c 4. b 5. time 6. 6 7. c 8. yes 9. no 10. a 11. cattle-sheep-doves 12. c 13. d 14. three 15. his body (himself)

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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