Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Wish......

This week in my sophomore Bible classes, we talked about what we wish we were better at. I told the students I am a terrible sleeper, that I never make it through the night but often wake up eight to ten times. This is nothing new- my sleep patterns have always been poor. There may be a reason. Last year, I read on a Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator analysis that extreme introverts, a category in which I reside, are not good sleepers. IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I had my students write out two areas of their lives they would like to improve. There were common answers having to do with school, family, friends, and spiritual matters. What I attempted to show the kids is that most of the items listed were often in their control to change. As always, they were very honest and as always, these are used by permission.

"I wish I had more discipline in reading." Amy

"I wish I could focus on my homework instead of electronics." Patrick

"I wish I were more athletically gifted." Tyler

"I wish I could control my anger with my sister." Gerran

"I wish I could be more independent instead of dependent." Ashley

"I wish I were more vocal with my teammates." Rachael

"I wish I would stop thinking bad stuff would happen to me and start trusting my loved ones more easily." Tiffany

"I wish I stood up for my beliefs more." Cody

"I wish I were more confident when I get the basketball in a game." Forrest

"I wish I could control my anger in soccer better." Kiley

"I wish I could talk to my sister maturely." Ian

"I wish I could treat people better, with more respect." Tarnecia
"I wish I were more time efficient." Paul

"I wish I could control my moods better; they go up and down often." Hyunji
"I wish I had better grades and didn't just settle for passing." Ayramis

"I wish I would listen to myself more, listen to my concerns and reasoning instead of acting irrationally and on my emotions." Rebekah

"I wish I had a closer relationship with my dad because he doesn't live with me." Johnavon
"I wish I could take my own advice." Ben

"I wish I was better at talking to those of the opposite sex who I like." Saro

"I wish I had a better work ethic." Cami

"I wish I knew when things were done with and to let go." Curran

"I wish I were more organized." Paris
"I wish I had a photographic memory!" Amberly
"I wish I could be fair towards everyone." Jenny
"I wish I could speak properly in English." Francisco
"I wish I could speak Spanish fluently." Lauren
"I wish I could be more open with my family and the people closest to me, to better understand them." Alexa

"I wish I could learn to love what's right in front of me, instead of behind." Deandra

"I wish I could be louder on the hockey field and when I did, that people would care." Betsy

"I wish I was just a good player at basketball and can make the JV-A team." Gavin
"I wish I could get out of religion and become a Christ-like man." Scott
Applicable quote of the day:
When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
Elizabeth Bowen

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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-Lane said...

Man, I really like that last comment. Get out of religion and become like Christ. Cuts to the very core.